CBD product for my dog

I love my french bulldog more than some people love their own children. I’ve had him for the past eight years and I look after him with care. When he got a belly condition late one night, I rushed him to the 24 hour emergency vet that is an hour away from my house. I felt horrible for him because it seems like he’s experiencing muscle cramps in his hips and joint pain through his legs. I wasn’t sure what I should do to help out my poor pup with his chronic pain. There are a few pills available for pets, however nothing seemed to affect his pain and demeanor. I was at a loss when my vet told me I should try giving him CBD. I use marijuana myself, although I never would have considered giving one of its products to my dog for medical treatment. It’s approved for both kids and animals because the CBD is not psychoactive in the same way as THC. I found a pet store locally that sells dog and pet biscuits laced with CBD and cannabis derived terpenes inside. They suggest the CBD for the same reasons my dog needs it, with joint and muscle pain relief being at the top of the list. They also had tinctures you could have your dog eat, inside a drink, or on a piece of food. I am blissful with these pet CBD products because I haven’t seen my dog this happy in years. It’s like watching a miracle in real life, I am so glad and relieved to see him smiling again and playing in the backyard.

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