I want a discreet way to smoke

Even though I live in a state where recreational use of weed is legal, I still don’t want all of my friends, family members, and coworkers knowing that I use the plant in my spare time. I wish it had no social stigma attached to it, however the reality is that numerous people would rather discuss booze use in public opposed to weed use. It doesn’t help when the people you like most do not share your opinions on the pros of the plant. That’s why I was beyond happy to at last get a medical marijuana card in my state. Not only would I be protected legally, although I also could finally get all of my marijuana from a safe dispensary. I knew that they offered products beyond classic dry cured flower buds. I was hoping for something a tad more discrete, although I didn’t want something orally like capsules or edibles. My stomach acid is stronger than most people, which results in the THC getting broken down much faster and quicker compared to a normal person. If I want consistent medical pros from using marijuana, I have to inhale it in some way. I was truly happy to get the cannabis oil pens that I saw on display. They utilize a battery in the shape of a pen which screws onto a metal and glass cartridge that you fill with any kind of oil. They’re very discrete compared to any other inhalation plan for cannabis, and some of them aroma like mint.

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