I would rather inhale if given the choice

It has taken me years to get to where I am right now with understanding cannabis.

It seems like more research is shown yearly that further extends our public expertise on how the plant operates with the human mind.

For years the DEA wouldn’t allow research on the medical pros of cannabis, needlessly stopping scientific developments on its varying applications. People who were against marijuana a few years ago are joining long time dope heads in the lines at the cannabis dispensaries. It’s great that cannabis comes in different forms before you even start classifying by strain. For the most part, all strains are either sativas, indicas, or a hybrid of the 2. Sativas are famously known for their mentally stimulating effects and happiness, whereas indicas are often used with sedative and calming effects. I have all of my work during the morning hours, so I only use sativas during the morning and afternoon. It’s nice to unwind at the end of the day with a heavy punching indica, however if I did that in the morning I’d have to take a nap before I even get to 3pm. Thankfully all of the cannabis shops in the state all carry a great collection of sativas, indicas and hybrids. I mostly smoke buds, however occasionally I get varying concentrates for my oil pen. I like oils and topicals, however I’d rather inhale my cannabis if given the choice. The vaporizer cartridges with the distillate oil inside are fantastic for using on the go.


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