We all have a favorite strain

Not everyone is affected the same by every substance, regardless of what category of intoxicant you look at.

When I had surgery, they provided me morphine afterward to stop the acute pain.

My parents were both worried because both of them experienced little effects from morphine in the few times they were in the hospital for different reasons. I had heard that before, however there are just as many who say the opposite. Happily, it worked so well that I wasn’t in too much pain at first right when I came out of surgery. I’m seeing this effect playout every time I visit the nearby cannabis dispensary. There are sativas, hybrids, and indica strains available in tinctures, lotions, skin care, edibles, and flower buds. For each category, there is entirely anywhere between ten choices of strain selection. People discover that particular strains affect their minds better than other strains. Lots of people agree on number one strains, however might differ if you asked them to name their least favorite strain. Because cannabis is a plant with a very diverse set of active cannabinoids and terpenes that all modulate THC in one way or another, you could get an almost endless set of changes of ratios in weird crops. Even though the cannabis dispensary usually has a lot of product changes available, people still get irritated when they don’t have their number one strain whenever they stop by to make an order. And since all the people have their own favorite, it’s impossible for the dispensary to please every person every single morning!



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