I like that we can do online orders now

I wish I could do online orders with my pharmacy.

It’s a local dealer and I’m often stuck waiting on refills for hours at a time.

I have tried to call a day in advance, however it never seems to help as the process gets slowed down until the following morning. Of course there is a big span of pharmacies in most American cities, but I’m stuck with this particular dealer because they’re the only place in a thirty mile radius that carries a scarce and particular medication that I take yearly. I have moved my other medications to one of the bigger pharmacy chains, however I’m still stuck with the seasoned pharmacy for that one prescription. I wish the pharmacy was as good as the local cannabis dispensary when it comes to making the entire order process efficient. Currently you can make online orders on the dispensary’s website before you head to the store. They now have a live menu that is upgraded in real time as products sell out at the actual store. I always make an online order before I head to any cannabis shop. I do not like making the drive only to find out that the shop is out of concentrates like wax, shatter, and rosin. Often the store won’t have any flower buds either, which is a make or break situation for me. I can’t afford high-priced tinctures every time I go to the dispensary, so I’m always looking for more flower jars if they are around. I like all of the strains that have Gorilla Glue #4 in their products.


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