What kind of cannabis product do I want?

I thought I was familiar with marijuana having been a smoker for almost ten years.

Now the budtender at the dispensary shattered that illusion in hours.

He kept showing me all of these great cannabis products that I had never heard of before. The store had a wide range of tinctures that can be taken orally, under the tongue or with meals or drinks. Just like all of the cannabis products in the store, the tinctures are sold in many strain categories—sativas, hybrids, and indicas. Sativas are known for the mind stimulating effects while we were indicas guess much more characteristically sedative. A hybrid strain is exactly what it sounds like, a combination of sativa and indica qualities. There were skin care creams and capsules available as well. I told him that I wanted flower buds, but was hoping to find a sativa strain for my daily task. He showed me strains like Kush, purple haze, and orange kush. They all had over 25% THC in them and they smelled just amazing. That’s when the budtender asked me if I had ever tried concentrates at all. He started showing me these products like wax and shatter that are forms of concentrated marijuana oil in a secure physical state. He told me that rosin involves harvesting trichomes from the plant while it is still new and wet like from harvest. That way you get a ton of terpenes that normally are removed at the flower buds are slowly dry cured for smoking and vaping.

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