Cold weather is bad for my fibromyalgia

The cold weather is bad for my fibromyalgia and I knew that I was going to transport out of the part to a arena that was warmer, then i grew up in the cold northern part with lots of snow and ice for 6 weeks out of the year.

  • I spent 31 years living in the same neighborhood with the same people.

I never expected to transport away to somewhere new, but I did not have any choice, and as the fibromyalgia symptoms continued to worsen, I found myself longing for sizzling weather. I thought about moving south and I thought about moving west. After discovering that cannabis can help with my symptoms, I decided to transport to a state where cannabis is legal for recreational purposes… That was the greatest factor in my decision to transport out west. The legalization of cannabis for recreational and medical purposes means that I can treat my disease separate from fear from police intervention. I tried cannabis once or twice in the past and it did help treat the fibromyalgia symptoms; Unfortunately, it wasn’t legal so I did not consider it a treatment option. I did not want to face penalties of jail or prison time over pot; Once I moved to the west, I started using cannabis everyday. The relief it provides is better and longer lasting than any other legal drug on the market. I also find that it helps me sleep longer and better at night. I miss my Dad and my Dad, however moving out west to a legal cannabis state was the best decision I ever made.

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