Why Big Pharma hates the use of medical cannabis

You should always hold your ground, plus eventually the rest of the world will catch up with you; Of course there are so many ridiculous people who guess the most ridiculous things, plus also assume and appreciate that they are justified.

For me this is about smoking pot, something I was raised to guess was completely wrong. The concern was that I did not guess that it was wrong, because how could a plant that grows naturally from the earth be “wrong?” You may not appreciate the smell of roses, for example, but to say that they are morally wrong for existing makes no logical sense to me. So I am personally enthusiastic that medical cannabis is now the law of the state, because it always should have been! The medical benefits cannabis gives us have been well proven plus well documented, but it took a long time for public opinion to catch up with the science, then personally, I assume that it was Big Pharma holding dow medical cannabis for the longest time, taking over the reins from the tobacco industry, but did you think the only reason both of us assume so shabbily of medical cannabis in the first locale is because the tobacco companies lobbied the federal government to make it illegal. They saw hemp crops plus cannabis products as a direct competition to all of their much more dangerous products, so they buried it for decades. Then Big Pharma took over, because the benefits of medical cannabis far outweigh most pills, plus was much cheaper to produce in immense quantities. Since medical cannabis helps you, they want you sick so they can keep selling you medicine.


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