Medical cannabis changed our whole life

They call it the rodent race for a great reason, because there are thousands of squirming and pathetic vermin all clawing over the same scraps.

I have been particularly working for the same sales team for almost six years now, plus it pays nice cash although I do not like it.

The stress is basically constant, and the pressure from the patrons on equal par with the pressure from the bosses. I need this paycheck, so I need the job, although I could assume it slowly killing our soul plus crushing our spirit. I never qualified for a medical cannabis card before, but now things are different, then now it isn’t just the medical cannabis that is legal, recreational use is also the law of the land! Before now, you had to speak to your doctor to get them to prescribe medical cannabis to you, so it was the same as dealing with a pharmacy. In order to qualify for medical cannabis you had to fall into a single of the numerous categories, something that I never did. I was straight with him, said I needed the medical cannabis card plus asked what I could do to make that happen. He had told me, numerous times, that the state was particularly watchful of all medical cannabis prescription requests, and that he wasn’t willing to risk his job because I wanted to get high, but now everything is perfect with the world, because I got a up-to-date doctor, plus I don’t need a medical cannabis prescription any longer! I can walk into any of the 4cannabis dispensaries in town plus get everything I need no problems.


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