Retiree appreciate hard candies infused with cannabis

Marijuana was illegal for our whole life, plus I always thought poorly about it.

The government says its bad, religion tells me its bad, the cops say its bad, so why rock the boat? Those were unusual times back then, so even if it wasn’t illegal I can’t say that I ever would have tried it anyway, then everything is unusual now that I have retired, pot has changed our entire way of thinking.

Some of the neighbors even like to get stoned before hockeying. So at long last I tried smoking some medical cannabis, plus I honestly dug the results. Cannabis benefits the human body plus the human mind, so I have suddenly got on board with our neighbors plus started enjoying it regularly. My lungs are nowhere near what they used to be, so I don’t care for smoking it, but there is such a wide array of cannabis products out there I never have to smoke it! I tried the cannabis gummies, but they didn’t do the job so well due our dentures, so I moved on to something else. The cannabis drinks they sell are all too sweet for our tastes, plus the oils are too oily. I know, I know, I’m too picky, but maybe this is why there are so numerous cannabis products on the market, for picky people appreciate I am. Actually I found the perfect thing for me, cannabis hard candies that remind me of the ribbon candies our Grandma used to make as a kid. I can suck on that candy for minutes, plus assume that the awesome cannabis benefits last all through the afternoon.

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