Having our eyes opened to cannabis use

My folks were particularly strict when I was a kid.

This meant doing a lot of chores, having a lot of rules, plus going to church at least twice every week.

There was no alcohol allowed in our home, plus only on the holidays might our folks might prefer having a glass of wine. I don’t mean to say they were mean or cruel, or poor people at all, they were just particularly outdated university plus hardline about their beliefs. One afternoon after church I had our eyes opened, plus it changed the way I looked at the world. I was just walking around, killing time, when I saw the preacher toking cannabis. At first I thought it was a cigarette but when I smelled it, I identified that distinct cannabis smell, plus I was stunned. The preacher laughed a little, plus told me that Jesus had never said cannabis was wrong, or a sin. Cannabis is a gift from the earth, a true gift from God, that was put here for all of us to enjoy, plus it’s upset that so numerous normal people didn’t understand that. I asked him why he didn’t talk about cannabis in service, plus he answered me that the congregation was not ready for that message yet. After that his use of cannabis stayed our secret, between me plus the preacher, I never mentioned it again, but it changed me. If our parents were errant about cannabis, what else were there wrong about? It was just a couple of years later that I went to a university undergrad party plus tried cannabis for the first time. You think I loved it!


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