Coast to coast road trip in need of more cannabis

The plan was to cruise from coast to coast, taking as numerous pit stops plus wild detours as the both of us could handle along the way. I was freshly retired, our husbandy had been for a couple of years at this point, plus both of us had the cash plus a nice RV, so both of us decided to get lost in the heart of America for a while. The two of us found it to be the greatest time of our lives, so the trip that both of us thought might take a few weeks sprawled out into over six months. This was not a concern in terms of finances, both of us could live on the road forever, but both of us had smoked through our entire medical cannabis supply. My husbandy plus I both have official prescriptions for medical cannabis, plus have been using it for years. Where both of us reside, you don’t even need a medical cannabis prescription to go into a dispensary, because recreational pot use has also been made legal. So back home, it’s not a immense deal, but both of us are finding out that in other states cannabis dispensaries are a lot harder to find. The two of us found a single one, but they needed a referral from a local doctor, plus wouldn’t even accept these medical cannabis prescriptions that both of us already had. A few days later, after stopping or calling around to fifteen unusual cannabis dispensaries, both of us found a particularly cool guy who owned his own shop. He agreed to look at our medical cannabis prescriptions, plus then call the doctor for confirmation, plus then he would fill them. While both of us waited, both of us loaded up on CBD products and oils, which were particularly legal, just in case both of us ran out of pot again.

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