There are no recreational cannabis stores close to me

My partner & I thought it would be certainly fun to visit a recreational cannabis store… We never stepped foot in a dispensary, but the two of us were only more than one hours away from the border of a state that had legal recreational marijuana. We were on getaway visiting some friends & family; One of the youngsters mentioned the fact that the bordering state had legal recreational cannabis stores, and my partner & I got the superb plan to travel to the cannabis store & check things out. We were going to make it a day trip, since it was a more than one-hour drive, unluckyly, my partner & I found out that there were no recreational cannabis stores close to our location… Even though the state border was only more than one hours away, the closest recreational marijuana cannabis store was almost 4 hours away in a immense metropolitan city; Four hours of driving in each direction is a whole lot unusual than four hours of total driving… That made our daytime interest completely out of the question. My partner & I were a little disappointed, because the two of us were looking forward to a fun, crazy, dangerous, & exciting mission; Someday the two of us will visit a state where recreational cannabis is legal & my partner & I will have the opportunity to try marijuana! A lot of our friends don’t believe that the two of us have been alive for 40 years & never smoked weed, but the two of us weren’t raised by drug toting hippies. My Mom & Dad were university teachers & my partner’s Dad was in the military. They aren’t the type of people that smoke pot.

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