A opportunity encounter at the dispensary

My bestie & I decided to drive across the state line to purchase cheap marijuana from the marijuana dispensary in the valley.

The dispensary is about 60 miles away, so my bestie & I knew that it was going to be a long drive, between the hills & the mountains, it took about an hour & a half to make the journey.

My bestie & I listened to rock n roll in the vehicle & the two of us played some of our number one CDs. We didn’t mind making the long drive, especially because the two of us knew the drive home was going to be a whole lot better. We arrived in town shortly before supper & my bestie & I decided to head right to the marijuana dispensary. We were resting in the lobby when our high university math teacher walked through the door. My bestie & I could not believe our eyeah. We didn’t believe if the guy would believe us or not, since the two of us had not been in university in multiple years. As soon as our eyeah locked, the teacher shrugged his shoulders & rolled his eyeah; He knew that the two of us knew that he was smoking weed. We never said a word to the guy, but he smiled at us when he walked out of the dispensary. I asked my Mom if the guy still worked at the university & she told myself and others that he won teacher of the year the previous term, however i bet the guy has no worries or stress, especially since he is medicating with some certainly superb herbs.


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