A sativa strain to perk me up

I am a big fan of sativa cannabis strains.

Since I spend most of my workdays sitting at a desk, I need lots of caffeine to keep me feeling motivated.

But by the time I get in for the night, I need something to help me feel more alive. I’m not much of a wine person, otherwise I’d undoubtedly have a bottle of booze or a glass of wine. It was in college where I tried alcohol in addition to marijuana for the first time. My friends like to drink, although I favor the effects I get from smoking in addition to vaporizing cannabis flower buds. Whenever I could get my hands on rare edibles, I appreciated that as well. With my love of cannabis, I’ve always tended to favor the high powered sativa strains. If I worked from home I might use numbing indica strains to be chilled out. But, now I will stick to medicating with cannabis sativa after I get home from work for the night. The sativa strains from the cannabis dispensary are perfect for my needs. My newest favorite sativa strain is so flavorful. I get a hint of cherry and blueberry when I smoke it. There is another sativa strain that is almost like eating a cookie dipped in sugar. I can see myself buying lots of that strain. Those strains have good effects without instantly putting me in a way too happy of mood where I can’t sleep at night. I need it to come fast and not last too long.


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Need to vape to get through it

I work as a daily reporter for a slowly crumbing newspaper in my metropolitan city.

When I toured this spot on an elementary school field trip, it was a bustling news firm. But the years leading up the 2008 recession inflicted a devastating blow to the entire print news industry. In retrospect, the fate of print news was hanging by a thread from the moment the internet creeped into every other home in the western world. It’s amazing this newspaper is still open in addition to functioning, especially when you gaze upon the vast amount of empty desks in addition to cubicles that were once a tied up newsroom just ten years ago. The news team now consists of a handful of people like myself who are being sent out on these weekly story assignments. It’s stressful when you’re given the work that was at one point delegated to 2 or three reporters. I don’t like being sent to private school sports games in addition to resting in the difficult metal bleachers for several hours in the freezing cold. I finally decided I’d bring my cannabis oil pen with me whenever I’m out on stressful assignments. I’m glad that my cannabis oil pen looks identical to a nicotine vaporizer. The cannabis dispensary offers cannabis oil pens that have natural cannabis derived terpenes, in addition to these smell like the marijuana plant. The other option is lower in price, in addition to these oil pens contain cannabis distillate oil with plant derived terpenes added after extraction.

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What they are now allowing with legal weed

This last election was difficult for most people. Things have been hanging in so much uncertainty that many recounts are coming in addition to fighting over another election. Although it seems like national results are going to stay the same, it didn’t look like that while we were in the early day hours on the day following the election itself. Since so many people were hyper focused on the presidential race, it’s easy to forget about some of the constitutional amendments in addition to laws that were passed in those states. Several locales have approved initiatives to raise their state’s minimum wage up to $13 an hour. That number is reached after a few years of raising it by $1 an hour each year as the number slowly goes up. Perhaps most notable of all were the cannabis initiatives. At least more than three states have approved laws for recreational cannabis, while another more than three have adopted laws for medical cannabis. When I was in college roughly ten years ago, we all wondered whether or not cannabis would ever become legal in more than a few states. Now it seems like there’s a majority among states throughout the entire nation with regards to some form of legal cannabis sales. Sooner or later cannabis is going to become federally legal in addition to you’ll be seeing cannabis dispensaries on street corners in even the most conservative cities in addition to villages. I’m excited that my state at least has access to legal medical cannabis dispensaries in addition to stores.

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Need to clean out the inbox

I need to do a better task cleaning out my email inbox.

I have a separate email address that I use for making online buys, but I’ve forgotten to unsubscribe from lots of promo emails from a number of stores that I haven’t bought from in years.

Despite always getting hounded by emails from countless companies I don’t even like, you’d think that would give me enough motivation to spend an hour going through my inbox in addition to cleaning it out with different filters. Not all of these marketing emails are unwanted. I get a number of emails from cannabis dispensaries, in addition to sometimes these are sales announcing limited day sales in addition to other temporary promotional deals. You can save a lot of dough each month on your favorite cannabis products just by accepting email notifications from the legal marijuana shops. Other cannabis stores might be offering certain strains for bogo deals, or a certain percentage off your entire buy. Instead of getting a sale announcement, my most recent cannabis dispensary email was about a new line of products that my local cannabis dispensary is going to carry. As crazy as it might sound, our state made it illegal to sell all forms of cannabis edibles besides capsules when our state approved a medical marijuana law to amend the state constitution. It took 2 years of constant fighting to get the state to allow cannabis dispensaries to sell weed infused baked goods, drinks, in addition to candy.


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Making my own edible

I love it when the grocery store has sales on boxes of cake, cookies, in addition to brownie mix.

I’ll buy them whenever there’s a half off deal on a single of these products. I’m not fantastic at baking cakes from scratch, although I can follow the directions on a box of mix well enough where the end result is still edible. They might not be as delicious as the desserts in the bakery part of the grocery store, but they cost a quarter of the price. Last week there was a half off deal on cake mix. I decided to get 2 odd kinds of cakes. I bought triple chocolate chunk cake, as well as peanut butter cake. The peanut butter cake was so delicious that I ate it in the course of 2 days. I had hoped to conserve them for at least a week or longer, although I couldn’t help myself. But, I had better plans for the other box of cake. I had recently visited the medical marijuana dispensary and had bought cannabis distillate oil. It’s a super concentrated cannabis extract that looks like maple syrup, in addition to it sort of has the same consistency as well. Since the distillate oil is already orally ready to go, you can put it on a chip in addition to eat it like a dressing. You don’t have to bake a cake with the distillate infused, although I wanted classic edibles. And when you have an extra box of cake mix, what better way to utilize it?
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So glad I live closer to the dispensary

I didn’t factor in the location of my last house when I decided to sign the lease.

I was only considering the look in addition to the layout of the rental home.

I wasn’t considering the idea of having to drive 20 minutes just to reach a grocery store, or 30 minutes to get to the bank. Location is so important in life, so much so that it can shape your mood in addition to attitude on a day to day basis. Those long drives each afternoon were not kind to my mental wellbeing. I know my stamina while we were in the work afternoon was affected as well. When you’re so far away from a shop or gas station, you eat up more hours out of the day than necessary if you have a handful of stops to make while shopping. When I relocated to my up-to-date home, I was relieved to find out that I was in a central spot to pretty much everything from my job to my favorite stores in addition to bars. Some days I ride my bike to work if the weather outside is allowing it. I have walked to the grocery store a couple of times as well. I found out recently that there are lots of recreational marijuana stores near me. Just like any other store, I always had a 20 to 30 minute drive to any of the local recreational marijuana stores. It’s not like I go to the cannabis dispensary daily, but it’s nice being so much closer now so I have less time on the road whenever I make those stops. I get my load of cannabis products easily now.

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My dad wanted it for weed

My family still does holiday lists even though all the teenagers are grown now, of course everyone shares their list as well. This year I was surprised at some of the items on my dad’s Christmas list. So number 1 was LED lights. Dad also had some temperature control items on the list… When I asked my father if he was starting a medical grow room for marijuana he said no. My dad wanted the light room for some flowers. Then my dad went on and on about how flowers will make the house look better. Right Mom! Anyhow, my siblings and I got my dad the LED lights and other growing equipment. Both of us bugged him about pot growing although he kept insisting it was for flowers. Still, when I visited in January I saw that his flowers were all still in the garden and dead. I wanted to know what he was doing with his temperature controlled, lighting controlled room in the garage. My Dad was entirely shaddy on it. I took a peak and saw that he was growing cannabis. Turns out my father uses cannabis in order to treat his sleeping issues and chronic pain. He didn’t want it to be known that he is smoking pot though. I reminded him that marijuana is legal plus he is free to grow it if he wants. None of us will judge my dad for it. He still seemed shy about it. I am just excited that there is pot in the family now.

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She had a grow box in there

My sister Molly has consistently been the odd duck 1 in the family.

Molly has strange ideas and is different from the rest of the family.

She also is willing to take more risks than anymore else is. Molly has consistently had ample space in her garage. She had a giant box that I wasn’t sure what it was. I thought maybe it could be a wine fridge or just something for storage. However, on Tuesday I drove up to visit my sister and I saw that the garage was open. Then I saw her coming out of the “wine fridge”. That is when I realized it’s not a wine fridge, it was a cannabis growing box. I could see the grow lights and everything as my sister exited the cabinet. I laughed out loud. I had a million questions for my sister however she kept denying that it was a grow room. She said it was a gun safe. That is, until I took my weed out of my pocket plus showed it to her. Then I promised I wouldn’t tell our mother. Molly seemed to be okay then and showed me the grow box. It was entirely cool. It had LED lighting, a water plan and a nutrient plan in such a small space. She is able to house 3 marijuana plants in her grow box. It keeps the plants in perfect shape and holds them in a very small space. My sister has been thinking of getting more grow boxes to expand production a bit.

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Making my own grow room

With this recession I have been having a very hard time finding a job.

I’ve been out of work for almost 6 months now so I decided to take a chance.

I decided to follow a plan I had worked out for years now. I was going to start my own grow room. I have been researching marijuana growing for a long time. I know that my garage would be a perfect space for it. I have even figured out my grow room design, but once I decided to go ahead with the pot farm plan, I still needed to figure a lot of things out. So for example, I still hadn’t figured out the grow room ventilation or the lights! A bit more research and I had that figured out as well. All that was left was for me to completely clean out the garage and then gather all of the supplies. It turners out that cleaning out the garage was the most difficult part. It took me over a week to get rid of all of our old junk. At first I planned on paying to store most of our stuff but then I changed my mind. After all, none of my stuff was worth the $100 a month it costs to store stuff. So I just donated or threw out almost everything in our garage. Finally, the garage was ready to be set up as a growing facility, but getting the grow room design right wasn’t too simple. I thought I had it all planned out but once all of the growing equipment arrived I had to make several changes to the layout.


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We now do a different kind of crop

My dad has been trying to resurrect our dying corn fields for over a decade now.

My dad finally threw in the towel and said that we were going to have to sell.

Dad said sorry for not being able to provide the farm to myself and my brothers someday, but this farm has been in our family for 4 generations! I looked him right in the eye and recommended marijuana growing. My dad pondered how to do marijuana cultivation. How strenuous could it be to learn pot farming? After all, lots of people have done it so why not us? My dad and I decided to try marijuana farming on a small level first, and both of us did a lot of research over the Winter time season. In early Springtime we got our marijuana growing equipment and started marijuana cultivation. I have to say, there were some mistakes made but this has been our most successful farming year in a long long time. So both of us only planted the marijuana in the ground this year but next year all of us are already talking about giant scale grow rooms, green houses, plus temperature controlled facilities. Then him and I could grow year round. I don’t see any reason why all of us cannot install grow rooms over this entire farm, but maybe not this year. But, in the following years we could. My dad and I are not going to lose this family farm after all. It just needed a better crop. I had no clue my father would be so welcoming of the plan though. I should have mentioned it earlier.

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