Holistic health helps me align my entire life

I think for nearly all of my life I have been simply compartmentalizing everything.

There has been a box for work or studies.

There was a box for family and another for friends. And on and on it went. Then it occurred to me that I do this simply to keep all of these things at arms length. That just won’t do any longer. So I have instead decided to incorporate all of my life in one box together. And legal cannabis is helping me to do just that. It’s been very helpful to be able to use legal marijuana in my efforts to merge my life. And the legal weed I get from the cannabis dispensary near me is just part of a new, overall approach. I have enlisted the help of a holistic therapist to help me align myself with all of my life. I want to live in a way that I am unafraid to deal with my life just as it is. Legal marijuana is a very big help. When I first went to the legal weed store near me on the suggestion of my therapist, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But once I was in the legal pot store, I was immediately guided by the expert staff. I told them what I was doing and that I hadn’t used recreational marijuana in decades. The staff at the cannabis dispensary were kind and compassionate. They asked me a lot of questions and were able to put together some samples of legal cannabis for me to try. From the outset, the people at the cannabis dispensary were spot on. The legal cannabis is really allowing me to see life from a whole new perspective.



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Finding more results with holistic health direction

I’m shifting directions after years and years of a seemingly endless cycle. Though I believe there is for sure a place for western medicine in my life, I just have lost confidence in those methods. Plus, I have found a great deal of help using legal cannabis to treat my emotional problems. Unfortunately for me, my emotional problems didn’t fit into a particular box for my doctors. I have been treated with so many different prescription meds. However, I have yet to achieve the breakthrough that I needed. That was until I began to shift to a more holistic direction. And part of the holistic treatment for me is the use of legal cannabis which I get at the legal cannabis store near me. The days of side effects and little relief are over for me. The very first time I use legal marijuana, the effect was immediate. But the great thing is, legal weed doesn’t just give me relief for hours at a time. Legal marijuana actually helps me look inward and understand the root causes for the emotional imbalance I have dealt with most of my life. Indeed, the legal weed that I get from the marijuana dispensary has been instrumental in making me feel better right away. However, it is this other dimension of recreational weed that has allowed me to really begin to free myself. For the first time, recreational cannabis has shown me that I am worthy of feeling good and having a good life. This holistic direction I have taken, which also includes diet, rest and exercise, has been the recipe I’ve been looking for.
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A holistic approach helps me get back to what works

For the past decade or more, there just seems to be something missing.

  • I work a lot and I am thankful to have a job that pays pretty well.

However, I don’t really like my job and never really have. It’s like I go to the job because I have to make the money. Not everything about the job is terrible but it’s definitely not my passion. That got me to thinking back to when I had a passion. That was a time when I was in graduate school. And I was also using recreational cannabis fairly regularly. It was a time when I was also studying a passion of mine with an aim to make it my life’s work. Then I was offered a moneyed position and out went my passion along with the recreational weed. What a shame I allowed that to happen. For many years now, I have felt trapped in my situation. I need the job to support the life and all that. I started seeing a therapist who treats folks like me with a much more holistic approach. Part of the included a trip to the marijuana dispensary. There I was able to get access to legal cannabis in order to so some perspective changing. A great deal of the holistic process is getting truthful about what I want in my life. And the addition of legal cannabis from the cannabis dispensary gives me an ability to really sit with myself. Using legal weed has helped me change my perspective and become more authentic. I’m even considering looking for another job that reflects my graduate training. Life is exciting and real again thanks to legal weed.

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Slowing down to relish life more holistically

My life has always been all about achievement.

This is just the way I was raised from the time I can remember.

Both of my parents were high energy, results oriented people. I was an only child and they heaped on the expectations. This was the basis of what became a life spent achieving instead of living. And it went on like this for decades until I found myself at a marijuana dispensary. Being at the marijuana dispensary was not simply a random act but it was part of some serendipity. A good friend I hadn’t seen in a very long time came to visit. He had been a high achiever just as I was. But he found that life lacked balance. That’s when he found that balance with a holistic approach to life. That approach also incorporated the use of legal cannabis. I was familiar with cbd products because my wife and I used the cbd products to help us sleep. However, I had never used recreational marijuana of any kind. During his visit, my friend suggested we stop my the marijuana dispensary. While there, we talked to a staff member who put together some samples for me. While I was a bit hesitant to try the legal weed, the fact that my good friend would be with me eased my anxiousness. It was a fact that I had been sorely missing out on life and that achievement was all I really knew. The first time I used legal cannabis, I found a shade of life that had been hidden from me up until then.


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Medical cannabis makes all the difference

I work for myself.

Nearly all of my tasks can be handled from home. My tasks simply require internet access. When I come down with a migraine, I am unable to complete my work. I can’t stand to look at a screen much less work. That leads to stress and more problems. With the help of medical cannabis, I am able to return to work much quicker. The doctor prescribed some meds that were intended to reduce the frequency of the migraines. I didn’t notice much improvement. I don’t believe these drugs helped me get over them any quicker. Being health conscious, I decided to look for a more natural approach to migraine treatment. I read up on some cannabis information and felt confident in what I read. That inspired me to visit a cannabis dispensary and check out the available options. I am fortunate that recreational and medicinal cannabis are legal in my state. Once there, I was able to consult with a budtender and learn about the strains and delivery methods. They explained the medical marijuana benefits as they pertain to migraines. There was an overwhelming number of cannabis products available to me. I started with loose flower and bought some pre-rolls. They are easy and labeled for easy dosing. I’ve tried vaping with mixed results. I’ve looked into the various types of concentrates such as shatter, budder, wax and resin. I am very interested in dabbing. I have gotten into different edibles such as mints, chocolates, gummies and cookies. I am learning how to manage the different dosing and onset of effects.


Chronic pain relief through cannabis and yoga

It took me a while to find a more natural and holistic approach to treating chronic pain.

  • I finally did some research into alternative medicine.

For years, I relied on the anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals the doctors prescribed. Yet, I had to lean more heavily on the pain medication as time went on. I was unhappy with the long term side effects. I’m now dealing with the pain without the prescription pills. I’ve switched to using cannabis products instead. A friend provided some factual cannabis information. I read up on it further, it made total sense to me that a natural product would be safer. I’m also including other aspects of a holistic approach to healing and wellness. Along with the cannabis flower, edibles and tinctures, I have also switched to a diet that includes more fruit, vegetables and natural proteins. I have added meditation and quality rest. The cannabis products have significantly helped with the pain. Medical cannabis has also proven beneficial for my sleep patterns. Once I take a few drops of a cannabis tincture in the evening, the pain lessens and I can go through some light yoga poses and work on my flexibility. When I’m done with yoga, I get ready for bed. Medical marijuana helps me fall and stay asleep. It’s much, much better than anything else I’ve tried. I’ve been trying this new treatment and lifestyle for 8 months now and there has been a significant improvement in my quality of life. The medical marijuana benefits are remarkable. The progress is more than I could have hoped for.


Cannabis for chronic pain relief

About a year ago, I turned to a more natural and holistic approach to alleviating symptoms of chronic pain.

I had been relying on the anti-inflammatory meds prescribed by my doctors.

I wasn’t happy with how they made me feel and worried about long-term complications. I noticed myself leaning more and more on the pain pills. I was taking larger doses more often. Seeing a harmful pattern developing, I looked for an alternative and found cannabis. I’m treating the pain now without prescription meds. I’m using cannabis products with great success. Cannabis is a natural plant with no extended side-effects. I started by smoking flower and pre-rolls and appreciated the immediate onset of effects. The products are clearly labeled with THC and CBD levels. I’ve been able to determine my ideal potency levels while experimenting with different strains of indicas, hybrids and sativas. I’ve seen the benefits of CBD and the entourage effect. Along with the cannabis flower products, I have started to get into concentrates. Concentrates focus on the most desirable parts of the plants and achieve incredible potency. My local cannabis dispensary includes a dab bar. I am able to hang out there for a little while and feel so much better. Plus, cannabis tinctures are great when it comes to sleeping. Once I decide it’s time for bed in the evening, I put a few drops of oil under my tongue. The pain lessens almost immediately and I’ve found that I can usually sleep through the night. I wake up so much more rested and feeling better than ever.


Cannabis pre-rolls, vapes and tinctures for treating migraines

I work from home.

I can complete my entire task list through my laptop.

I really love the ability to set my own hours, work in comfortable clothes and avoid driving to the office. However, I work by the project and need to be as productive as possible. Meeting my deadlines is crucial. When I come down with a migraine, I can’t work at all. I am unable to focus on a screen or concentrate. I have tried prescription meds to combat migraines. These pharmaceuticals were supposed to lessen the frequency and severity of my headaches. I didn’t notice much of an improvement. I did realize that I felt foggy and out of touch when I took them. I simply wanted to nap. That’s not helpful when I need to get to work. I also had concerns about dependency and long-term consequences on my health. I began to look into alternative medicines. I tried special teas and even a spray for my pillow. Nothing helped until I tried cannabis. As soon as I feel a migraine coming on, I medicate. If I act quickly, I can typically head off the migraine before it fully develops. I avoid the crippling pain that interrupts my day. There’s no fuzzy feeling or side-effects. Smoking pre-rolls provides a very quick onset of effects. I’m able to feel relief pretty much immediately. I’ve also had good luck with vaping concentrates. The vape pens are more discreet when I’m not at home. One of the easiest ways to treat the onset of migraine symptoms is with cannabis tinctures. I simply place a couple drops under my tongue. The sublingual delivery method is extremely quick and effective. I can easily carry the bottle in my pocket when I go somewhere, and the application is so quick and easy that no one even notices what I’m doing.


Using cannabis for glaucoma eye pressure

I suffer from chronic pressure behind my eyes.

It can be extremely painful.

It is a symptom associated with glaucoma. My condition was first discovered when I was in my late teens. However, I’m actually borderline. I need to keep the glaucoma in check. Medical cannabis is my preferred treatment method. The doctors prescribed meds that somewhat helped. However, there are side effects that are damaging and long-term. I was not looking to solve one problem only to face new health issues caused by the medication. So, decided to look into alternative treatment. I wanted something natural for treating my eye pressure issues. I started researching and discovered medical cannabis right away. Unfortunately, I couldn’t just visit a dispensary and purchase the cannabis products that I wanted. My local state has legalized medical marijuana but I needed a card. I went through all of the regulations and paperwork to obtain a medical marijuana card. It took a while but wasn’t that hard to do. I was then legal to visit the cannabis dispensary. I spoke with the budtenders there about my condition and they were very familiar. More and more people are having success in treating glaucoma with cannabis. I started with loose flower products because I was comfortable with them. However, I’ve now gotten into dabbing. Using a rig to dab concentrates is a bit more complicated and dangerous, so I only do this at a designated dab bar. However, the concentrates offer exceptional potency and quick onset. It’s especially beneficial and satisfying.
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Cannabis pre-rolls work to alleviate arthritis symptoms

Over the course of several months, I noticed worsening inflammation in different joints and muscles.

It was as though I was slowly losing my strength, flexibility and range of motion. I struggled to complete everyday tasks such as doing the dishes and vacuuming. I could no longer sleep or relax comfortably. I went to the doctor and learned that I have a form of arthritis. I immediately started researching potential treatments. I’m not somebody who is willing to take a bunch of pharmaceuticals and live with the consequences. I know that synthetic medicines are harmful. They can lead to a long list of side-effects. Very often, the doctors aren’t even aware of the possible problems and damage. So I looked into natural remedies. Cannabis sounded like my best hope. I am fortunate to live in a state where both medicinal and recreational marijuana are legal. I didn’t even need to get a medical marijuana card in order to access the cannabis dispensary. I simply went online to find a dispensary nearby with good reviews. I drove straight there and found a budtender who was happy to provide recommendations. I explained that I was experiencing crippling pain in my joints. My hands were especially bad. The cannabis flower products have been nothing short of a miracle. I use pre-rolls because of the convenience. The joints are already rolled and offer consistency and the ability for precision dosing. I know exactly how much THC and CBD I’m getting. I’ve found the manufacturers and terpenes I prefer. I can buy packs of pre-rolls and need nothing but a lighter to get started. I find smoking cannabis flower relaxing and enjoyable. The relief of my symptoms is just about immediate. Because of cannabis, I’m able to lead a normal life again.


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