I would like to see legal weed around these parts

My life actually improved greatly when I finally got cannabis products from a safe and also state-regulated grower and also retailer.

All of these cannabis products on the state shells have to pass these rigorous testing standards and also procedures.

When there are no human errors, you can trust what you consume as being from the horrible contaminants appreciate heavy metals and also chemicals. You don’t really want to have mold in marijuana products and it is surprising to see how poorly regulated some of the Cannabis markets are. The medical marijuana laws make it stripped to enforce all of the lab testing. It looks appreciate those rules will stick even if we have recreational Cannabis soon. What actually worries myself and others is what will actually happen to the supply of marijuana in this state if it is legal for use. More licenses will be allowed to be granted for cannabis producers and the strain of Demand on short-term will be thrust it on all of the cannabis dispensaries that exist. It will level out in a long-term area but we will likely have to face a shortage after the product is legal for recreational partaking. I believe selfish as one medical marijuana patient because I would appreciate to see the law fail so I never have to run out of products. Obviously my position and reality isn’t such that I am unusually uncaring or selfish, but people purchasing cannabis can also occasionally appreciate liquor without having to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive testing.

Marijuana delivery

Free stuff brings people unto the dispensary

When does State first legalized medical marijuana, there weren’t many chances for the dispensaries.

I believe we had licenses at the most issued in the beginning and another many issued at the end of year 1.

Since I have a card from the state, it has really been interesting to see the Cannabis industry grow and also progress. I hate to be restricted to using only the Cannabis product for a long time. Things have actually improved. I still can’t believe it was ever illegal to sell some cannabis products until 2018. My own experience with capsules and also cannabis Edibles were never very superb as all results I had from Cannabis products. One very good part about the dispensary in this state is the delivery programs at home. All of these company have many stores Statewide and they have to cater to the residents in other remote locations. Now there are cannabis dispensaries that offer home delivery and also free delivery. This is always a welcome surprise when being approved for a medical marijuana card. The method of making an online order and also having that dispensary Supply the Cannabis products in days is actually amazing. When there was originally a single cannabis dispensary supplying products appreciate Edibles, tinctures, and also Vape cartridges, they did not give an additional order for the charge even if the size was small. There are many places that offer the free delivery and also add in some free products so there will be people coming to their store to browse all of the stock.

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I wish the weed delivery service would call me sooner than when they five minutes away

If the cannabis delivery truck is only a few minutes away, I have to get out of bed, get dressed, grab my wallet, and head outside to be there in time for the weed delivery

I quit using delivery services for the most part because of the fees. It was great when I was terrified of leaving the house in the year prior to me getting a COVID vaccine, but now that’s not as much of a concern. I’m getting my booster shot soon and I have been working out of the house again for the first time since 2019. The local stores and restaurants almost all quietly raised their delivery fees and charges. I understand that inflation is affecting nearly all industries right now, but this increase is not proportionate with the average rate of inflation right now. If I am going to be out of the house regardless, it’s getting harder to justify the delivery fees and expenses. Originally only one cannabis dispensary in the state offered free delivery, but now there are a handful. I tried a dispensary last week that I haven’t visited in years because of their inconsistent products. The delivery is free, but the coordination is chaotic. First of all, usually a cannabis dispensary will give you a delivery window a day or two in advance so you have a rough estimate of when the truck will arrive. Coordinating this time between customers and the cannabis dispensary is important so that no one is left waiting for hours while taking time off from work. The driver should also call you and give you a heads up before they’re literally five minutes away from your house. If it’s early in the morning, I might not be awake when I receive the call from the cannabis delivery driver. If the cannabis delivery truck is only a few minutes away, I have to get out of bed, get dressed, grab my wallet, and head outside to be there in time for the weed delivery. I appreciate free delivery, but the cannabis dispensary could be better coordinated with their execution.

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Usually indica plants yield more flower buds when it comes time for harvest

Gardening is one of my all time favorite hobbies.

My parents started building a vegetable and fruit garden before my older sister was conceived, and by the time I came along it had expanded in the backyard.

Even though my sister showed little interest in tending to plants, gardening was second nature to me from the start. Every year I would raise a new batch of tomato plants and watch them as they create vines and branches. Soon I was eager to try my hand at growing other sorts of edible produce. Blackberries are absolutely delicious if you can find them fresh or in the wild. Our lush blackberry plants were our prized possessions in our family garden. Nowadays I grow a completely different kind of plant, but it’s equally rewarding. Since cannabis is legal in my home state now, adults over the age of 21 can grow up to six mature plants at any given time. I had wanted to grow marijuana myself since I tried it for the first time in high school, but I never thought I’d be living in a legal state unless I moved to the pacific coast. With resources like Youtube and Reddit, I have taken a small hobby and have turned it into my primary focus outside of my work environment. It’s fun tracing different phenotypes of various sativa and indica strains because one might be more resilient to pests or mold than another. In my experience, indicas tend to have the highest yields compared to sativas across the board. Sometimes a pound of dry cured flower buds can be harvested from a single cannabis indica plant.



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My most recent batch of Velvet Glove contains purple cannabis buds

I love it when you buy anything edible and it turns out to be fresh and aromatic.

Fresh and ripe strawberries smell so good that the scent is almost divine! I will pay extra money to get a batch of berries that blows anything else out of the water at a lower price.

Sure it might be cost effective to get frozen fruit for smoothies if you can find it on clearance prices, but otherwise I’d much rather purchase fresh fruit and cut it myself. I can either eat it directly, on my morning cereal, or in smoothies I eat throughout the day. If you aren’t worried about freshness, you can simply buy whatever is the most affordable option with produce. I look at cannabis in a similar way. There will always be cheap marijuana options for people who are looking for quantity over quality. Those users aren’t interested in finding top shelf weed products at their local cannabis dispensaries. But it’s not just quality that varies from one batch of cannabis to another, you also have variables like density and color. Some strains have a higher propensity for creating purple buds in mature plants, just like my most recent batch of Velvet Glove. It’s not true that you create purple cannabis by depriving it of nutrients, although I have heard that misnomer being passed along from an employee to a customer at the cannabis dispensary before. I don’t think that people realize how diverse the genetics of the marijuana plant are in totality. Even with the three different subcategories, you have a ton of variations of marijuana for different desired effects.

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The Girl Scout Cookies strain a cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush

I was very ignorant about the marijuana plant when I started using it my first year of college.

I thought that THC is what made some plants stimulating and that higher amounts of CBD is what made other strains feel sedating. Ironically, CBD by itself is actually somewhat stimulating while THC is found to be sedating to those who don’t have a pre-existing tolerance for the molecule. It’s crazy for me now to realize how ignorant I was back then about cannabis and how it works in the human body. With time I started to educate myself about marijuana and its medical uses. I learned that there are over 100 cannabinoids in the plant, with many that we still haven’t isolated. Among the cannabinoids that have been studied by scientists, the list includes THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, THC-V, delta-8 THC, and CBE. There are also numerous terpenes that can be found in other natural plants and substances, with just a few being myrcene, limonene, terpinolene, farsinene, carapholyene, and linalool. When you cross-breed two different strains together, you get a mix of the cannabinoids and terpenes that are typically found in the two parent strains. For instance, Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most popular cannabis strains no matter what state you reside in. It’s the parent strain of many popular hybrids, but many who love Girl Scout Cookies don’t know about its genetic origins. Despite being seen as an indica dominant strain, it’s actually a cross between OG Kush and the African-landrace sativa Durban Poison. If Durban is too stimulating for you, Girl Scout Cookies and its derivative hybrid strains might not be the right fit.


Laws in my state forces all cannabis companies to be both growers and retailers

Many of my friends worried that if cannabis was ever officially legalized nationwide, the plant would immediately get corrupted by corporate interests.

  • I think we were worried about seeing a product like “Marlboro Greens” behind the counter at gas stations, but this isn’t exactly how things have played out in states that pushed forward with cannabis legalization.

Although some states have marijuana markets made up of small, medium, and big time players, other states have made vertical integration mandatory to hold a cannabis license. This means you have to operate from seed to sale. You cannot be a grower only in my state, you have to own a large corporation where you have a grow facility and a number of stores throughout the state. Currently we only have one single cannabis business in the state that operates solely as a home delivery service without having a single physical dispensary location. It’s no surprise that we only have about 20 different cannabis businesses statewide because the barrier for entry is just too high for most would-be business owners. The license costs a fortune and you’d need tens of millions of dollars in capital to build your grow facility before you ever make a single penny in revenue. That’s why we see corporate weed dominating in states with these laws, because they’re the only entities that can afford to survive in these conditions. I wish I could afford to run a cannabis company because it was my dream when I was just using the plant for the first time. It’s a shame that the rules on vertical integration had to corrupt the cannabis industry in my home state.

Cannabis edibles

The THC content in cannabis concentrate products is much higher than flower buds

I didn’t know much about cannabis when our state first legalized it for medical use. My issue with chronic migraines goes back to my childhood and I hadn’t ever found a medication that worked consistently without adding too many side effects as a tradeoff. I read a lot about marijuana and headache relief with certain strain genetics so I was hopeful. But when I saw all of these different kinds of cannabis products to choose from, I felt less confident than I did before. There were topical products, cannabis drinks, edibles, oils, tinctures, pre-rolled joints, blunts, concentrates, and more. When I asked the budtender what they suggested, they steered me in the direction of cannabis flower products at first. She said that I can start with a weaker batch while my tolerance for the plant is still really low. This was great until my tolerance naturally grew, and then I was chasing higher THC values on each batch of cannabis flower buds. Eventually I asked the dispensary for recommendations for something stronger, and that’s when they showed me cannabis concentrates like hashish, shatter, wax, and rosin. The THC content in cannabis concentrates is typically between 60% and 95%, which is much higher than flower products which typically max out at 35% with most being closer to 20% THC. If you’re using marijuana for medical health reasons, you should probably start at a lower THC percentage because a concentrate could aggravate your anxiety and depression if you’re not prepared. The flower buds at 20% might ease you into the experience more gently than cannabis oil with 90% THC inside.


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There aren’t many sativa strains in nearby cannabis dispensaries right now

My state has over 200,000 patients in our medical cannabis program, but my patient number is near the number 20,000. I wasn’t in the door in the first few months, but I’ve been a patient since year one. Back then there weren’t as many patients to compete with to secure your favorite products at nearby dispensaries. We might have more dispensaries right now, but scarcity is a constant problem. I don’t know if these companies are literally selling products before it hits the shelf from unbelievable demand, or if they are creating “forced scarcity” where they purposely withhold quality products from the market until inferior products are sold in their place. You’ll wonder why all of the flower products are around 15% THC for week after week, and as soon as all of the dispensaries run out of the weak and dry cannabis, there will be restocks with strong and fresh cannabis flower buds. It’s frustrating if you spend money on old and stale cannabis flower products just days before a new product restock. There are other factors as well that limit the supply of certain products on cannabis dispensary shelves. For instance, one reason why you’ll often see more indicas available from one week to the next is because indicas and indica-dominant hybrids usually give the highest yields during harvest. They can simply produce more of those plants for less money than any of the sativas that are known for low yields. Some dispensaries vary their prices on flower buds based solely on how much the plant yields during harvest. The THC content doesn’t even matter in their pricing system.

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Soon it may be impossible to buy empty cannabis oil pen equipment off the internet

I hate it when sweeping legislation includes unexpected laws that are pigeonholed in at the last second.

You don’t realize that there are all of these other pieces of legislation that are hidden beneath the banner of whatever issue is the most palatable to public perception.

This happened in a severe way with the cannabis and tobacco oil pen industry last year with the passage of a massive amendment to the original PACT act of 2010. The cigarette industry succeeded in killing the small online nicotine vape community by getting congress last year to approve a ban on all oil vape products from being shipped through any of the mail services in the country. Overnight the online nicotine vape industry was essentially destroyed. But what makes this even more frustrating is that it’s also impacting cannabis users, because those who vape distillate oil use many of the same cartridges, batteries, and delivery devices as nicotine vapers. The companies that create these oil cartridges can only sell to other businesses, so you’re only going to have access if a local store has what you need. This is a win for the tobacco industry and a complete loss for anyone who uses these vaporization devices. It’s pretty bad when a device that is used for cannabis products is outlawed simply because it’s also used for nicotine and tobacco. I can get cannabis oil cartridges and pen batteries from marijuana dispensaries in my state, but what about the people who don’t live in states with some form of legal cannabis? They can’t make their own cartridges with whatever cannabis distillate oil that they can get their hands on.


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