Pay attention to the heating and cooling for it

I hate trying to buy frozen fish during the Summer months.

I used to put the package straight into a grocery bag, however most of it would melt on the way home.

Putting it in a paper bag helped, however soon I realized I’d need to cement the frozen fish in between many other cold grocery items. But when that only added a slight change, I realized I should combine both ideas. I got a small supper box sized cooler and put many cold drinks from my fridge inside so I could cement the frozen fish in between. This finally did the job right. Using these coolers for all cold plus perishable food is a good idea, especially if you have a long drive home. The last thing you want is the fish spoiling in your car as you make your way back to your house. I also buy cannabis items that are temperature sensitive, mainly concentrates like distillate, shatter, wax, rosin, hash, plus crumble. Some of these items will melt at temperatures higher than 71 degrees, making a mess in the container they’re sold in. Other concentrates like distillate oil plus shatter get seriously difficult and brittle at cold temperatures. This is perfect with shatter, because at that temperature you can often get a smooth break when you go to snap a small piece off. With a distillate syringe, if the product is too cold, it won’t squeeze out no matter how difficult you try.



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I had more options than I was expecting

Things weren’t so simple for early medical marijuana customers in the state I was last living in.

Everyone voted for a regulation that would give customers access to natural marijuana to smoke or vaporize.

So for many years the only products available were not flower based. They had tinctures, oils, capsules, plus vaporizer cartridges containing high THC distillate. But if you wanted cannabis flower items, you were going to be disappointed. It took activists in the state a few years to get the laws changed allowing for whole-plant dry cured cannabis flower buds to be available to all medical marijuana customers. When I moved to our current state, I assumed that its medical marijuana plan would be facing similar things. There are a lot of the same kind of politicians running at our state’s capital as there were where I lived last. I wanted to finally get a medical marijuana card so I could shop at the cannabis dispensaries. The first thing I did was find a licensed physician who is given the okay by the state to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients. The process was better than I expected; plus when I asked him about the kinds of products available in the state, I was amazed by his answer. He said that the two of us have tinctures, oils, skin creams, capsules, vape cartridges, concentrates like shatter plus hash, flower products, plus edibles. The cannabis dispensaries here offer almost all of the same items to the state’s medical marijuana patients as the recreational states out in the easy. I was beyond excited to visit the cannabis dispensary for the first time.
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Doesn't hurt to have a guard there

I have seen that some banks have security people in their waiting rooms while others don’t.

I was putting in a paycheck this morning when I saw 1 sitting at a desk towards the back of the bank.

He appeared to be working on the computer, but you could tell he had a gun on his waist. Honestly, I’d rather go into a bank with security than 1 with nothing. I think that bank robberies are more of a product of popular films and television shows, but robberies do happen in real life. I’d rather not become a fluke hostage or casualty of an unwitting bank theft. It’s no surprise then that banks are not the only public dealers that feature armed guards inside their entrances. All of the medical and recreational marijuana stores in my state have at least 1 or several armed guards in their front areas. They’re not concealed either—it’s immediately clear by their stature, their outfit, and the black gun holstered to their waist. Back before cannabis had any form of legality in my state, the conservatives warned that gangs, robbers, and big time warlords would be running into our future dispensaries and creating chaos in the suburbs if we ever dared to allow for legal marijuana sales. They were wrong in every conceivable way, however it doesn’t mean the dispensaries should be feeling safe either. Having an armed guard at a legal marijuana store is a great idea, even if it’s just to scare people who might do harm.

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You don’t know what kind of quality you are getting

Every month I make a big order with the cannabis store that is roughly 20 minutes from my house.

There are several that are nearby, although I don’t like their stuff as well. Some of the cannabis flower products that I have bought have not been good quality. While the best dispensaries make top shelf marijuana that rivals some of the best products from overseas, others produce products that are of an average quality that a person would grow themselves. There are few things worse than opening a jar of cannabis flower buds only to get a big whiff of coffee aroma instead of the rich aroma of marijuana! Then you pull out a single flower bud that crumbles under the slightest bit of touch from your fingers. This is the quality that I see several happily paying for each month when they go to these kinds of dispensaries. They don’t entirely have the quality taste to know what they’re buying is severely low quality. It would be good if these products were super cheap, so their currency value matched their real value. Sadly, you can spend fifty bucks at several different marijuana dispensaries and gain 1 product that looks, smells, and feels like cheap homegrown weed, while the other looks like it could be a feature in a marijuana growers magazine. I just wish the other dispensary had some indica strains for once! They have a wide range of sativa strains and hybrid strains, however no indicas right now.


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Things aren’t hard once you start smoking

I have been way overdue for adjusting the way I cumulatively view and live my life.

For the longest time, my usual life has been something to endure and not something to celebrate.

Looking back from the place where I am now, that feels like a lot of wasted time. It’s distraught to have that sort of humbug perspective when it comes to the sort of life I have to spend here. Thankfully, a holistic approach to life which actually includes legal marijuana turned that drudge into a joyful existence. I totally understand all of the mechanics of how I ended up feeling like life was simply something to regularly deal with and manage. Once I left school and started a job, things went rapidly off the rails for me. Instead of seeing the magic in my life, I was now seeing only adult responsibility. Where I once spent a few hours enjoying recreational cannabis, it was very quickly replaced with just more jobs and worry. Before long this had become my adopted perspective each day where life was distraught. That all changed when I had a life adjusting and debilitating health condition. I found myself fighting just to have any semblance of a life due to this unwanted immune condition. Something like that will instantly tune you in to what truly matters in life. However, the reusey was long and arduous until I found a super holistic approach that included legal weed. With the addition of brand new legal weed, I was given a perspective that I hadn’t experienced since the years of youth. It was the feeling of hope, celebration and peace. Those are many important elements in life that I hope to never lose sight of again.

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You might want to consider smoking up

Legal cannabis has been the largest reason why I now have the balance in my life that I was missing for such an entirely long time now.

It’s so odd to me that something that is so perspective and life changing was ever considered so horrible.

I can recall friends of mine who rejoiced in the local streets when recreational weed was made legal. The access to this herb was a blessing, finally within reach without stigma or legal consequences. It was as if the sun finally began to shine for them once again. For me at the time, I was just glad that my buddies were glad for a change. I did not partake in recreational cannabis use entirely often. Actually, since my teens, I can genuinely count on my hands the number of times that I chose to imbibe. But, I can tell you that when legal weed became available, a dear neighbor commanded that I try some myself. It was a fact that I had a taxing time managing anxiety which led to other massive problems like isolation and depression. My neighbor felt that it was at least worth a try for once, for me to give legal cannabis a try. All of us started by going to the nearest recreational cannabis store near me to talk to the experts. The lovely and helpful staff member at the legal weed store commanded me to start first with an edible that was somewhat lower in THC concentration. I did just that, and it was like opening my eyup again after an entirely long sleep. Legal cannabis has given me a section of my old life back that I wasn’t sure I would ever see again.

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Going from stressed out to blissed out

My life has felt like one long, blistering grind up until recently. There were too many times to count when it took all I had just to get up and go to work. The job I have is super stressful and the days are filled with confrontation and muted anger. Some great environment to spend a minimum of 10 hours a day in. My life was beginning to unravel when my wife bought to CBD products to try and help me out. The first time I took the CBD oil, I slept soundly and through the night. This was something that I hadn’t done in far too many years. I continued with the CBD products and realized that maybe my approach to life was all wrong. After several discussions with my wife, we decided to sort of make a wholesale change in our lifestyle. The kids are in college and our financial security is pretty set. So, I decided to take a leave of absence to embrace a more healthy, positive and holistic daily life. Honestly, it probably saved my life. Not only did I radically change my diet but I also began to embrace recreational cannabis. My wife has used it some throughout her life to help her manage anxiety. I was just to busy to have any interest. Now I realize that I was really missing out. Partaking in recreational cannabis has given me a much more calm and positive outlook. I have also found that I have a passion for more than making money. The holistic approach to life has allowed me to shed a negative persona in favor of a much more honest and kind one.

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Boosting my life with a holistic change

My life would be the very picture of average I suppose.

It’s a life that wasn’t guided by passion and best intentions.

The fact is that I was mostly pushed and took the path of least resistance. I don’t think this was as much of a conscious choice as it was one of convenience. And, it’s not like it was all bad. I raised some great kids with a woman who was a wonderful mother. My career has been a constant if not a whiz bang success. You know, I really had a very average existence. I’m not complaining. But now that my children are grown and that marriage is over, I decided to try something new. I discovered a legal weed store near me and went inside. Recreational weed was something I only got to try but a few times in my youth. But now that there is legal weed, I decided to give it a try as part of a more holistic lifestyle that I am embracing later in life. All I can say is that I wish I had known more about recreational marijuana sooner. The legal weed store was amazing. It must have been obvious that I knew zero about recreational cannabis. The kind people at the legal cannabis dispensary were eager to help introduce me to the right type of recreational pot. And they sure did. They started me out with something that was a bit on the milder side but it sure did the trick. So many things that appeared to be so crucial in my mind were suddenly viewed with far more perspective. I’m for sure much more at ease in my life when using recreational marijuana.

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The real pro around here

I have always looked up to my father.

Even though I haven’t seen him more than a handful of times over the past 10 years, I suppose about him all of the time.

When I was young, the two of us talked on the iphone all of the time despite the distance. In particular, the two of us bonded over songs and some movies as well. My dad would send myself and others CDs plus DVDs for birthdays plus holidays every year, along with whatever video games were popular at the time. My dad exposed myself and others to a lot of amazing songs early on. This was in the late 1990s when classic rock radio was becoming a formidable force on FM airwaves. I remember listening to bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, plus Black Sabbath. But as time went on, my dad plus I started to move slowly apart. When I reached high college age, the two of us were no longer talking on the iphone every other afternoon, plus once I got to college the two of us rarely spoke. Now it has been endless years of myself and others rarely seeing my father because of how far away he lives. He is more than happy to answer all of my questions regarding high performance lighting plus marijuana cultivation. It’s an interesting topic to him, since he has regularly had an interest in exactly how cannabis is grown. He even tried making a DIY cannabis grow cabinet a couple of years back when recreational marijuana was legalized in his state, but beyond talking about growing marijuana plus the lights needed for the job, he keeps to himself. I don’t assume if he cares anymore if the two of us see each other or not, plus knowing that makes it hard to cope.


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A pro in all aspects

I have always looked up to my amazing father.

Even though I haven’t seen him more than a handful of times over the past 10 years, I think about him all hours of the day.

When I was young, the two of us talked on the cellphone all of the time despite the distance. In particular, the two of us bonded over music and movies. He’d send me CDs and DVDs for birthdays and holidays every year, along with whatever video games were popular at the time. My dad exposed me to a lot of amazing music early on. This was in the late 1990s when classic rock stereo was becoming a pretty strong force on FM airwaves. I remember listening to bands love Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath. But as time went on, our dad and I started to drift apart. Around the time that I reached school age, the two of us were no longer talking on the cellphone every other day, and once I got to school the two of us rarely spoke. Now it has been 10 years of me rarely seeing our father because of how far away he lives. He’s glad to answer all of our questions regarding high performance lighting and marijuana cultivation. It’s a pretty cool topic to him, since he has always had an interest in exactly how cannabis is grown. He even tried making a DIY cannabis grow cupboard a few years back when recreational marijuana was legalized in his state, but beyond talking about growing marijuana and the lights needed for the job, he keeps to himself all the time. I don’t know if he cares anymore if the two of us see each other or not, and knowing that makes it hard to cope.

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