Can’t believe cannabis dispensaries aren’t everywhere

The thing is, cannabis smoke is way better than tobacco

When I first started trying cannabis, it was a life-changing experience. I used to suffer from severe depression and also anxiety. When I started smoking cannabis from the local cannabis dispensary, I finally felt happy for the first time in forever. I started reading everything I could about cannabis and figuring out what strain does what. These days, I am so devoted to cannabis and the many medicinal benefits, that I want to tell everybody about cannabis. There’s nothing I want more than to help the cannabis movement grow. It should be made legal everywhere. At the very least medical marijuana dispensaries are allowed for those who need it. In certain states it is hard to get the documentation though. That is just horrible. What about other depression sufferers such as myself? Just because they live up north doesn’t mean that they should not get the same medical treatment as me. Even for recreational use, it’s just incredible and everybody should be able to try it! It gives so much money into the community. There are also then more jobs available in town. Shouldn’t the state want that added income? These days, I take cannabis everyday in many forms. I prefer smoking it, eating it, plus even vaping it! Vaping is really better for you because smoke in general is not good for anybody. The thing is, cannabis smoke is way better than tobacco. You are not going to have any lasting negative effects from cannabis. Why is it not allowed everywhere?

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Didn’t want to get high so I tried CBD

I really was genuinely frightened when some friends said I should try some cannabis edibles.

  • I had only taken shrooms before and it was a genuinely horrible experience.

I was seeing things and sweating profusely when I tried some shroom edibles. Shrooms are not horrible or anything, it’s just that I had a bad high. I never tried marijuana and after hearing so many poor things about it, I was genuinely hesitant to try the edibles. I thought it would be another scary experience. I was worried about taking in any THC. With the psychoactive effects from the cannabis, I felt like it was going to be the same frightening ride all over again. When I finally gave in plus tried a cannabis brownie that my buddies got from the local cannabis dispensary, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. As a matter of fact, I didn’t feel anything for a long time. I even asked my buddies if I could have another cannabis brownie, because I did not feel anything. My friend then said that the brownies only had one CBD in them. THC is what gets you high and you don’t need to have that in cannabis. Since my buddy knew I was worried, he only got CBD infused products. Rather than be high out of my mind, I was mellow and feeling relaxed due to the brownie. I really enjoyed my first stint with marijuana and I can’t wait to visit a dispensary for more CBD infused edibles.
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Trying edibles for the first time

For a long time I had never tried an edible.

Everytime I went to the cannabis dispensary I would pick something to smoke.

It just seemed easier and it was what I always did. I would pick out a new strain, go into the vape lounge and enjoy. If I bought something new it would be an oil pen, vape pen or a bong. Finally, I thought I could at least try some things at the cannabis dispensary plus see what the whole fuss was about. I decided to go to a local cannabis dispensary and pick up some edibles because I never tried it before. I was cheerful that I was able to have that option in my state. I tried some cannabis infused cookies that I got from the cannabis dispensary and I went to the movies afterwards. It was an amazing experience for me. I had never watched a movie high before or tried an edible. I got to do both. Those cookies were so amazing, I decided to eat all of them. I didn’t feel anything at first but then about halfway through the film, it just hit me. Suddenly, all of the parts of the film were incredibly hilarious to me, even parts that I easily shouldn’t have been laughing at. Like when the people were at a funeral, I couldn’t help but chuckle plus I can’t even say for sure why. The cannabis cookies were strong plus I realized I probably should have only had a few. But I will totally be back for more edibles.


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The whole family is into cannabis

I am blessed in so many ways.

One of the things that genuinely makes me cheerful is the fact that my family has always been accepting of cannabis.

As a matter of fact, my family loves to partake in cannabis in our kind of way. My father is a fan of edibles every so often. My mother is one that likes to smoke cannabis with a glass pipe. My sister prefers to smoke cannabis cigarettes, which is what you would call joints. She rolls her own plus she is genuinely good at it. I have a brother who likes to vape cannabis flowers. I also have a cousin who uses a vape pen and gets many cannabis cartridges for his vaping needs. I have tried a little bit of everything, but for me, I think I prefer smoking out of a pipe or a bong the most. I just love that pure natural flavor with all the elegant smells. We are fortunate to live in a state where cannabis dispensaries are all around and marijuana sales are legal. Even before recreational cannabis was legal plus cannabis dispensaries started popping up everywhere. I still enjoyed smoking cannabis as a family. We all had medical marijuana cards for a long while and even before that some of us would smoke cannabis, especially my folks. They actually grew their own cannabis for awhile until they were able to purchase it legally from the local cannabis dispensaries. It’s difficult to say what is better, homegrown or from a dispensary.



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Sad I can’t get him the cannabis he needs

I find it unusual that I can purchase, smoke and even grow marijuana in my state and others can’t. A guy I graduated college with recently moved to a different state. Recreational marijuana is not allowed in his state. There are no cannabis dispensaries, commercial growing ops or even just CBD stores available to the public. For years my buddy relied on CBD oil to help with his stress management. Now I illegally mule him the CBD oil when I visit him over holiday breaks. It is ridiculous because CBD oil has nothing in it that gets you high. All it does is mellow a person out and reduce inflammation. My poor friend can’t even buy it online anymore since his state doesn’t allow it to ship there. The closest substitute is hemp oil and that is no good. What if he had something serious like seizures or PTSD that he used cannabis for? That’s why it makes me mad that it’s really still illegal in many states to partake of cannabis, including where he lives. My buddy wants to have some local cannabis dispensaries that he could go to in order to pick up the cannabis products that he needs. My friend does have his sources though, however he doesn’t always get the best cannabis and there are times when he can’t get any at all. If there were cannabis dispensaries around, this would never be a problem that he would have to deal with. I have considered growing my own cannabis plants, and giving him all the product. However, it’s highly illegal to grow and ship over state lines, especially when it is not legal in that state.



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Marijuana for medical purposes

I like that cannabis can be used for some medicinal purposes. My father had cancer not that long ago and cannabis really helped him out. The chemo and radiation were made much better by the right strain of marijuana. The medical marijuana dispensary was amazing. It was set up just like a doctor’s office. The budtender was dressed nicely, well educated and had a desk. He talked over all the products and got my father sorted out. The nausea, pain and reduced appetite with chemo was made way better with cannabis. Now that my dad is all good and dandy, my whole family is big timec cannabis supporters. Thankfully nobody has a medical marijuana prescription anymore. We all smoke for recreational purposes. I love to be able to just smoke some cannabis whenever I want. When I am able to enjoy my cannabis, I always feel relaxed plus at ease. I also have used it for medicinal purposes like having sore muscles plus chronic pain. Periodically I will have terrible migraines plus a little bit of cannabis oil would knock the migraine right out. It’s amazing how well CBD works for some of those complications. The only issue I have with the CBD oil is that it tastes so bad. It is hard hiding it in my drink and not noticing the flavor. I know some people get CBD infused products like edibles from the cannabis dispensaries. I don’t want that added sugar or fat though. The oil is just a few drops and only on a bad headache day.

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How cannabis has grown in my town

For a long time cannabis was not legal in any state.

Then medical marijuana was permitted with the right documentation.

Then certain states have allowed recreational cannabis dispensaries to pop up. I am in a state where cannabis is legal for medical and recreational uses. People are now growing their own cannabis. There are cannabis cafes and even vans that drive cannabis products door to door for the cannabis dispensaries. It is like delivery on a pizza. You order off the menu, call it in and get it to your door. It seems like in my town there are cannabis dispensaries everywhere I go. It is just like fast food restaurants everywhere. It was funny too because fast food used to be a big thing in towns. There were tons of burger joints until people said how bad it is for you. Cannabis is the reverse. It was bad, now it is good. You can’t go five feet without seeing a dispensary now. I like making a trip and going to a better cannabis dispensary with a vape lounge and where they let you try out new products. Even I now have a garden where I grow my own products. Someday I would like to grow and sell my products to the local cannabis dispensaries. I think I could make some pretty good cash in the process. It is my dream to do this someday. But, I’m not sure if that would ever happen realistically speaking. I know that I am on the right path by making some really good strains. But, I don’t think it is easy selling your product to these dispensaries.



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Thinking of moving to a state where cannabis is legal

There was a time when I had a genuinely scary dream.

I was growing some cannabis plants in my beach house and then a raid of police officers came bursting into my house.

They apparently got a tip from someone that I was growing in my house. They tore apart my home looking for cannabis and killed all of my elegant plants. Luckily, this was just a dream, but it had me thinking about it afterwards. I always believed in the benefits of cannabis and unfortunately, it is still not legal in my state to raise your own cannabis plants. The good news is that if you break these cannabis laws, it is decriminalized so it is basically just a slap on the wrist. But, I have been thinking about moving to another state where they have better laws. I don’t understand why the laws about cannabis are so different everywhere. It is odd driving in one state and going into a cannabis dispensary. You can buy any product you want and smoke any strain you want. You can be high in public, no big deal. In a state a few hours away, it is illegal. My state doesn’t even allow CBD oil to be shipped to the residents. It is banned in our area. It is just ridiculous that some states don’t get it together. Think about the added income and more jobs that cannabis can offer. Cannabis dispensaries generate a lot of income and you need to hire budtenders. You would think the states would want to bring in some more money.


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Funny story about taking an edible

I remember laughing hysterically when my wife and I were watching a video on YouTube.

It was a call to a police officer from a woman who had tried cannabis edibles.

The woman thought she was going to die because she really believed the lies about cannabis being dangerous. I don’t know why she decided to try the cannabis edibles if she thought she was going to die. But the woman did, took way more than what she could handle and then thought she was dying. Cannabis edibles can be genuinely strong, but no matter how much you take, it can’t harm you. You might be blazed out of your mind, but the worst that can happen is that you fall asleep or you are really hungry. This woman ended up going to the hospital, slept off the high from the edibles, and then she became a video star. You’re not supposed to take drugs and then call the police about it. Cannabis is illegal in the state that she was in. You can’t even smoke cannabis if you are a driver for a cannabis van either. I really am thinking about getting a job like that where I can just deliver cannabis to people for a living. I might not even mind working at the actual cannabis dispensary, but I hear that it requires certain amounts of education to become a budtender. Perhaps I will start out as a cannabis delivery driver and get my cannabis education later on. I could work my way up the ladder.


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THC and CBD in cannabis

Did you know that CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant and doesn’t get you high? Seriously, CBD oil is the way to go these days if you are trying to benefit from the cannabis plant.

  • There is no high that comes along with it.

It’s only natural that many kinds of medicines come along with some kind of effect or even side effects. There are so many positive effects to smoking cannabis or taking CBD oil. The only disadvantage for some people is the way cannabis makes you feel. For some people, the feeling of euphoria that naturally comes to you when you take THC is why they want it. For medical marijuana patients, higher THC means a more powerful strain. This is better for them when going through chemotherapy. They need help with appetite, nausea and chronic pain. Some people don’t want the THC for recreational uses however. Sometimes cannabis can make you guess a little foggy in the brain and you even tend to forget things. While cannabis does affect short-term memory, it really doesn’t affect long term memory. The good news about CBD is that it doesn’t do anything to your mood really. Basically all CBD does is mellow you out and help you relax. You can take CBD oil to help with anxiety, chronic pain, muscle fatigue, plus many other ailments. I really like to get both types of products from my cannabis dispensary, THC plus CBD products. I prefer the edibles a lot though. I even use a vape pen from time to time. I prefer all the beautiful flavors of CBD plus THC vape cartridges. The cannabis dispensary always has something good in stock for me.



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