The sativa and indica difference

I thought I was experienced with weed having been a smoker for a few years, but the budtender at the dispensary shattered that illusion in moments.

He kept showing me all of these amazing cannabis products that I had never heard of before.

The store had a wide range of tinctures that can be taken orally, under the tongue or with food or drink. Just like all of the cannabis products in the store, the tinctures are sold in three strain categories—sativas, hybrids, and/or indicas. Sativas are known for the mind stimulating effects. It feels so much more characteristically sedative. A hybrid strain is exactly what it sounds like, a mix of sativa plus indica options. There were skin care creams and capsules available as well. I told him that I wanted flower buds, but was hoping to find a sativa strain for my early morning hours. He showed me strains with really cool names that I picked up. They all had over 25% THC in them plus they smelled so great. That’s when the budtender asked me if I had ever tried to concentrate at all. He started showing me these products like wax and shatter that are forms of concentrated marijuana oil in a stable kind of state. He told me that rosin involves harvesting trichomes from the plant while it is still healthy plus wet from harvest. That way you get a ton of terpenes that normally disappear at the flower buds are slowly dry cured for smoking plus vaping.




The online dispensary orders

I wish I could make website orders with my pharmacy.

It’s a local business and I’m often stuck waiting on refills for minutes at a time.

I have tried to call a morning in advance, but it never seems to help as the process gets put off until the following morning. Of course there is a pressing assortment of pharmacies in most American cities, but I’m stuck with this particular business because they’re the only place in a thirty mile radius that carries a rare plus unique medication that I take daily. I have moved my other medications to one of the pressing pharmacy chains, but I’m still stuck with the ancient pharmacy for that one prescription. I wish the pharmacy was as good as the local cannabis dispensary when it comes to streamlining the entire order process. Right now you can make website orders on the dispensary’s website before you head to the store. They officially have an active menu that is upgraded in real time as products sell out at the physical store. I always make an online order before I head to any cannabis shop. I hate making the drive only to find out that the dispensary is out of concentrates like wax, lotion, plus balm. Often the store won’t have any flower items either, which is a make or break chance for me. I can’t afford pricey concentrates every time I go to the dispensary, so I’m always looking for more flower jars if they are around. I like all of the strains that my dispensary offers.



Marijuana edibles

They never seemed to have what I wanted

Not everyone is affected the same way by a single substance, regardless of what kind of drug you look at.

When I had surgery, they gave me morphine afterward to stop the acute pain.

My folks were both hesitant because both of them experienced little effects from morphine in the few times they were in the hospital for different reasons. I had heard that before, however there are just as many who say the reverse. Thankfully, it worked so well that I wasn’t in too much pain at first right when I came out of surgery. I’m seeing this effect playout each time I visit the local cannabis dispensary. There are sativas, hybrids, and indica strains available in edibles, oils, skin balms, concentrates, tins, plus flower buds. For each category, there is easily anywhere between 8 or 10 of strain selection. People discover that particular strains affect their bodies better than other strains. Lots of men and women agree on number one strains, however might differ if you asked them to name their least number one strain. Because cannabis is a plant with an extremely diverse set of active cannabinoids and terpenes that all modulate THC in a single way or another, you could get an almost endless set of fluctuations of ratios in odd crops. Even though the cannabis dispensary usually has a lot of product options available, people still get frustrated when they don’t have their number one strain whenever they stop by to make an order. And since everyone has their own strain, it’s impossible for the dispensary to please every person every chance they get.

Indica strains for sale

Enjoying getting delivery

It’s not respected for me to grow loyalty to a single particular dealer, regardless of what industry or need we’re talking about.

I had a great store for ages until they quit respectfully staffing their pharmacy on a day to day basis. Forget all of the buyers who were forced to wait egregious amounts of time after the change in staffing, the real victims were the workers, but they were suddenly forced to take shifts where they were left alone to answer iPhones, fill pills, accept drop offs, plus process pickups with the cash register. After switching my pills to a different pharmacy, I made a point to quit shopping in that market. If they were going to treat their employees with utter disdain, they wouldn’t get another cent from me no matter what. I had a parallel experience with a cannabis shop that I once adored plus frequented exclusively. When our state had a nascent medical marijuana program, all of us only had several shops at first. One was run poorly plus hastily went bankrupt in the next few years, however the other dispensary was resilient. They were smart to implement a statewide delivery program while they only had a few dispensaries in total. This month they have something like forty new dispensary locations all across the state. They still have statewide delivery, but now there’s a fee plus they never tell you when they’re going to show up at your house. Originally they’d give you a small window plus they’d call first thing in the morning on the morning of the delivery to tell you.

More about indica

I like sativa strains better

It has taken me years to get to where I am right now with understanding cannabis. It seems like more research is shown yearly that further extends my public know-how on how the plant interacts with the human mind. For years the DEA wouldn’t allow research on the medical positives of cannabis, needlessly delaying scientific needs on its varying applications. People who were against weed 10 years back are joining long time smokers in the lines at the cannabis dispensaries. It’s great that cannabis comes in three odd varieties before you even start classifying by strain. For the most part, all strains are either sativas, indicas, or a hybrid of the multiple. Sativas are famously known for their mind stimulating effects plus euphoria, whereas indicas are often paired with sedative plus calming effects. I have all of my work during the early hours, so I only use sativas during the morning plus day. It’s nice to unravel at the end of the morning with a heavy hitting indica, however if I did that in the morning I’d have to take a nap before I even get to 3pm. Thankfully all of the cannabis shops in the state all carry a satisfying collection of sativas, indicas and hybrids. I mostly smoke flowers, but sometimes I get varying edibles or oils for my concentrate pen. I love oils and tinctures, however I’d rather inhale my cannabis if given the choice. The vaporizer cartridges with the distillate oil inside are great for using on the go or at concerts or during camping trips.

Cannabis edibles

The local cannabis dispensary is spoiling

I’m starting to get spoiled with my access to legal pot.

I spent years dealing with shortages from friends who knew people in the area who grew it in their houses illegally.

Some of this cannabis was great, while often we’d get batches with mildew plus other contaminants in the flower buds. I kept wishing and praying that my state would approve some form of cannabis legislation or if I’d find some way to save enough money to leave across the country to a state where personal use is allowed plus regulated. Eventually the times have changed and all of us managed to pass a medical legalisation law through our state’s senate. Within a year all of us had operating cannabis dispensaries available to all who got physician tips for a variety of approved illnesses. They gave nurses the freedom to use a different category for any illnesses not specified in the law, allowing discretion and freedom to prescribe the medication to people without physically debilitating illnesses. Although I qualified right out with my PTSD diagnosis, numerous others that I have since met at varying cannabis dispensaries have mentioned getting cards for headaches plus anxiety issues. Regardless of the diagnosis, all patients have access to the same variety of items. Many of us stick with traditional cannabis in it’s dry cured flower form, however it seems a few dispensaries sell it the hour the jars hit the shelves. I have been unable to get flower items in the last 3 weeks at my number one dispensary here in the city.


Sativa strains

Discrete cannabis oil pen

Even though I live in a state where recreational use of weed is legal, I still don’t want all of my friends, family members, and coworkers knowing that I use the plant in my freetime.

I wish it had no stigma linked to it, but the reality is that many people would rather discuss booze use in public opposed to cannabis use.

It doesn’t help when the men and women you like the more do not share your opinions on the benefits of the plant. That’s why I was beyond excited to at last get a medical marijuana card in my state. Not only would I be protected legally, although I also could finally get all of my weed from a safe dispensary. I knew that they gave items beyond classic dry cured flower buds. I was hoping for something a tiny bit more discrete, although I didn’t want something orally active like capsules or edibles. My stomach acid is stronger than most, which results in the THC getting broken down much quicker plus more efficiently compared to a normal man. If I want consistent medical benefits from using marijuana, I have to inhale it in some way. I was entirely excited by the oil pens that I saw on display. They utilize a battery in the shape of a pen which screws onto a metal plus glass cartridge that you fill with distillate oil. They’re absurdly discrete compared to any other inhalation methods for cannabis, plus some of them smell like sugar. The cheaper cartridges use food terpenes instead of those derived from the cannabis plant.


THC content

My dog is now on CBD

I like my Russell terrier more than some people like their own babies.

I’ve had him for the past 9 years plus I look after him with care.

When he got a stomach bug late at night, I rushed him to the emergency vet that is an hour away from my house. I felt scared for him because it seems like he’s experiencing muscle pain in his hips plus joint pain through his legs. I wasn’t sure what I should do to help out my poor baby with his chronic pain. There are a few medications available for pets, however nothing seemed to affect his mind plus demeanor. I was at a loss when my vet told me I should try giving him CBD. I use marijuana on my own, although I never would have considered giving a single of its cannabinoids to my dog for medical treatment. It’s approved for both kids and creatures because the CBD is not psychoactive in the same way as THC. I found a pet store locally that sells pet plus animal bones with CBD plus cannabis derived terpenes inside. They propose the CBD for the same reasons my animal needs it, with joint and muscle pain relief being at the top of the list. They also had tinctures you could put on your animal’s tongue, inside a drink, or on a piece of food. I am glad with these pet CBD products because I haven’t seen my dog this active in years. It’s like seeing a miracle in real time, I am so excited plus relieved to see him smiling again plus playing in the backyard. It’s moments like this that are completely priceless.

Marijuana delivery service

Overwhelming cannabis items

It wasn’t easy getting through the first 3 weeks of back pain.

I was playing tennis plus accidentally fell on the court.

My body tipped and smacked right into the ground upon impact. It was painful plus I could barely move after it happened. When the medics arrived, they were extremely careful to keep my neck stabilized to prevent a paralyzing back injury. I was lucky to avoid that certain nightmare, although I was still in big pain with a horrible back injury. I’d walk again, but the pain was going to be a daily factor in my life for months and years to come. When I was discussing my plans for the short and long term with my physician, I expressed my concern with taking prescription opiates for longer than a few months after the accident. I knew friends plus coworkers who became addicted after going down that path. I was surprised when my general practitioner told me that I should try weed for my back pain. He said that some strains can relieve the pain I’m experiencing in typical ways to the opiate medications, however the addiction problems are largely absent. You can technically get a marijuana dependence, however it’s in a completely odd league compared to opiates. As happy as I was to try weed, going to the shop the first time was stressful. I had to wait in line in the lobby for 45 minutes before I could even get back to the room with the products and the budtenders. They showed me capsules and tinctures before moving to the display with the flower buds plus cannabis concentrates.

Sativa products

How I react to cannabis dispensary

My body chemistry has always been different compared to my near relatives.

When I was a child, my mother and father were instructed to give me benadryl for an allergic reaction.

Hoping that it would also calm my stress, the benadryl instead affected me like coffee. When they gave it to me again a year later, I had the same reaction. I am the only guy I believe who gets this reaction to benadryl. It’s a crucial over the counter sedative that makes everyone tired. When I had to take antibiotics in middle university after I got sick, I was given ciprofloxacin. Both of my folks plus all of my brothers had taken it before to fantastic effects. I got sick after taking it once, plus started feeling like I had intense food poisoning until the medicine made it through my system by the next morning. It can be hard for me to follow advice from others when I decide whether or not I should take a single medication against another. I had similar errors with cannabis after I got a medical card to visit the statewide dispensaries here in town. People kept telling me to go after certain strains, but I’d often have disappointing effects with ones that friends said were their number ones. Then I’d find something of my liking that none of my friends were impressed with. Finally I’ve found a product that all of us can all agree on. The classic OG Kush is known for its great effects. It puts me on cloud 9 whenever I have it to load into my vaporizer. Whenever the shop has a new batch of OG Kush available, I always get several or 3 jars to stock up.
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