Don’t oversell the dangers of marijuana, it’s deceptive

I remember back in school being told about the DARE program.

DARE to keep children off of drugs, that sort of thing.

They made it seem like drug dealers were waiting around every corner to give us free drugs and get us hooked. I laugh about it now, because I’ve never met a drug dealer who gave drugs away for free, have you? No one ever has, because they don’t exist. Little me would have been shocked and appalled to see that the future version of himself works as a budtender, selling medical grade marijuana from a legal dispensary. In those days, grown ups preached to us like all drugs were exactly the same amount of dangerous, so marijuana was just as addictive as heroin or crack. This is, of course, laughable on its face, and by demonizing the cannabis plant they inadvertently discredited themselves in my eyes. Once I sampled marijuana for the first time, it made me question everything that I had been taught about all drugs. I should have been taught that marijuana, like alcohol, is fine to use recreationally and safely, but shouldn’t be abused. This is not only what I tell my new clients at the cannabis dispensary, but also what I tell my own children. By no means am I encouraging my kids to try marijuana, I just tell them that it is something they can decide for themselves about once they get of legal age. It’s great if they want to sample cannabis at some point, but I don’t want them using hard drugs ever.

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My cousins were stoked by my cannabis garden

Over the summer vacation a couple of my cousins came to visit me on the farm. They used to come here when we were all kids, and we would spend summers goofing around. That was a while ago, and both of them are attending the university up north, while I am still here on the farm. They both asked me point blank how I could handle living out here in the middle of nowhere, but to me this is the perfect life. Just because I’m not surrounded by people all the time doesn’t mean I don’t have friends, or get lonely. Then they found my cannabis crops behind the barn, and suddenly they were a lot more interested in life on the farm. I grow several acres worth of hemp out here, for commercial use, and of course hemp doesn’t have a substantial concentration of THC in it. In other words, you can’t smoke hemp and get high from it. In the midst of all my legal hemp crops I maintain a small personal garden of marijuana plants for my medicinal use. I don’t really need to hide the marijuana plants, because they are in the middle of fifteen acres of hemp plants, so they blend right in. It’s not like I’m selling weed to high school kids or anything, I just grow enough marijuana to keep myself high, and maybe to give some to my close friends in their times of need. My cousins saw all those marijuana plants and got really happy, suddenly stoked for a summer on the farm.

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Pop up cafe and growing op next door

Since the legalization of marijuana, my buddy has been all over me to help him with a cannabis cafe. My friend bought the land right next door to my growing op. His dream is to build a facility for the cafe and offer all vegan products laced with cannabis. My growing op is right next door. The workers can literally get fresh grown cannabis at my facility and use it for the products. People can see how natural it is. I care more about the business aspect of this. Being able to sell my fresh grown cannabis is all money in my pocket. Since my buddy bought the land I have been upping the amount of product I am growing. I got a lot more seeds, experimented with different strains and have added onto my facility. Everyday I would check the plot of land expecting to see a cannabis cafe pop up. Nope, production was not moving forward. I finally asked my friend what was the holdup? He then admitted to me that he could not get building contractors to actually make his cafe. I had the solution right there. I went through a cannabox container company that made my facility. The company also takes shipping containers and makes it into restaurants as well. I referred my friend and now we are back in business. His facility is being built off site and will be delivered ready to use. The people who made my cannabox were fast and professional too. So I know the facility will be great.


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Cannabox container makes growing easier

Since I have retired I have wanted to find a hobby.

  • I tried golf, bird watching, painting and even took a few classes at the local college.

Nothing appealed to me. I briefly thought about getting a part time job since I am so bored. I then heard around town that a lot of people have tried growing marijuana since it’s allowed in our state. Apparently it is very difficult and time consuming. I had the time, money and motivation in order to grow a quality product. The first thing I did was do a bunch of research on the growing process. There are many kinds of lights, soil and watering systems for plants. There are timed programs for watering, lights, and nutrients. The HVAC conditions and humidity levels need to be perfect at different stages of the growing process. After doing the reading, I realized that I would need to either write everything down, or find a simpler way. After looking around online I found an easier way. There are cannabox containers that handle everything. The cannabox is created at a facility to the exact specifications of the grower. They make it for dummies like myself too. I have a list of lights to pick from, watering systems, HVAC equipment and other elements. I also can design the layout all online. The company then gives me a quote, I pay and then they get to work. My cannabox container will do all the timed programs without me. I just need to basically plant the seeds and let the container do its job.



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You should always go for pure CBD products

While there may not be any official CBD studies that we know of that benefit pets, there are countless pet owner testimonials that claim the numerous benefits of CBD in pets.

It is advised that you use caution when providing this type of medicine to your pet because you never know if there could be an allergic reaction or some kind of negative effect.

We have to look at what we know for a fact, all animals have endocannabinoid systems. If animals have these systems just like humans have, it’s reasonable to conclude that cannabinoids are made for humans and animals alike. Even sea turtles have been found to have endocannabinoid systems, animals that evolved some 600 million years ago. If you do want to give your animals CBD, just make sure to give them much smaller doses than you would take for yourself. While there is no known case of overdose from the cannabis plant, you never know if there could be some sort of negative reaction to a new medicine. In general, we know that CBD helps relieve all types of pain including physical and psychological pain. This is a natural stress reliever and anti-depressant. You really have to look no further if you are looking to find a good natural antidepressant. We’re talking medicine that has minimal side effects at the worst, so it’s safe for most people and animals. CBD should always be taken in its natural form though without adding it with other medicines as that could be dangerous. Always go for pure CBD products that are organic and free from pesticides.



Nobody should ever have to have a poor experience with CBD products

CBD has numerous benefits such as pain relieving properties, anti depression, helping with muscle fatigue and tons of other things

It’s sad that not everybody knows about the endocannabinoid system we all have in our bodies. We actually have this crucial system that is regulated via the intake of cannabinoids. You have to stop and think about what this means. It means that by design, we are made to take in cannabinoids to benefit our health. Cannabinoids come from one of the most important plants in the world, despite the bad name it has been given in the past, Cannabis Sativa. This is also known as the marijuana plant. We actually have cannabis plants known as Hemp that have very little THC, and we have regular Cannabis which has much higher percentages of THC. It’s a beautiful thing because we can extract the medicines we need from the plants. From the hemp plant, we are able to extract CBD. CBD is like a cousin to THC because it is a powerful medicine. The good news is that CBD does not have any psychoactive properties. When you take CBD, you never have the feeling of being high and you are able to keep a clear and focused mind. CBD has numerous benefits such as pain relieving properties, anti depression, helping with muscle fatigue and tons of other things. It’s great news that CBD has been legalized entirely in recent years via the Farm Bill, and everybody is now allowed to purchase CBD products. It is recommended that you go for high quality CBD products from trusted sources. There is no reason why anybody should ever have a poor experience with CBD products.



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Variety of Reasons to Take Marijuana off the Illegal Drug List

In my state, lawmakers voted to make medical cannabis legal. There is currently no such thing as legal recreational marijuana, but I feel sure that someday within the next few years, legal recreational weed will be the law of the land. A number of states have made medical marijuana legal, and there are lots of people who claim that it helps them deal with medical issues such as anxiety, chronic pain, and other ailments. Some conditions that cause debilitating seizures are clearly helped by legal cbd products. There are a few social reasons to legalize marijuana, whether we are talking about legal medical marijuana or legal recreational marijuana use. Keeping marijuana use illegal constitutes unreasonable and wrong government intrusion into our lives. Alcohol is a similar drug that is of equal harm. Legal marijuana would allow better regulation of it, making it safer to both purchase at legal marijuana dispensaries and use. Crime would decrease, and so would the allocation of money to police that waste money on fighting an essentially harmless product. If there is legal recreational weed, then it becomes a product that can be taxed, which will be financially beneficial, especially to rural areas where the crops would be grown. So far, there are no presidents who are willing to make legal marijuana use a reality, so it remains against federal law. Some people do believe, though, that people who are incarcerated because of marijuana trafficking are more likely to be involved in other crimes, as well, so the streets are safer with drug dealers locked up. I’m not sure that is a good argument, are you?



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Have You Ever Thought About Making Marijuana Legal

There has been a push for many years that there should be legal marijuana use in this country.

In fact, before the 1900s, there was, in fact, very little regulation of marijuana.

It was commonly used for recreational purposes and as a component in medicines until the early 1930s when it became believed that recreational or medical marijuana was dangerous and was the cause of addictions, crime, and general social upheaval. Now, though, there has been a heavy push for legal marijuana use and for the ability to safely and legally purchase cannabis at legal cannabis stores. Because marijuana was brought to the US, most historians agree, by Mexicans who came to the US to work or live, many people agree that the prejudice against mrijuans stems from prejudices against the people who brought it here. There are only a couple of states that have legal recreational marijuana, but many states have legalized the use of cbd products for medical purposes. It is only a short step from medical legal cannabis to recreational legal cannabis. Indeed, there are many smart people who see the legalization of weed as a smart move. First of all, keeping marijuana illegal is government intrusion into people’s private lives, which goes against the values our country holds dear. Crime and the violence that goes with it, are high because of the fact that marijuana is illegal. If we have legal marijuana that you can get at a legal marijuana dispensary, the argument goes, there will be no more need for that criminal violence. Also, proponents claim that legal marijuana would be no more harmful than legal alcohol use.


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The Advantages of Legal Recreational Marijuana

There are lots of people who think that recreational marijuana should no longer be illegal.

The legalization of cannabis has been hotly debated for decades now, really, although it has only been recently that lawmakers have been taking the debate seriously.

According to proponents of legal recreational marijuana, there are several advantages to doing away with the illegal status of weed. They claim that there are economic advantages to be had. First of all, there would be more jobs. The legality of weed would mean that there would be a need for farmers to grow the drops, people to harvest and process the crops, and people to dispense the legal marijuana products. All of these mean more jobs, which means more economic prosperity. Also, there would be more tax revenues. Nowadays, cigarettes and alcohol are heavily taxed and regulated. The same would be true for a legal marijuana dispensary. People who are thinking beyond those two advantages are quick to comment that not only are there those economic benefits, but legal cannabis would also provide an opportunity for investors to invest in the research and development and general prosperity of the industry and themselves. Other people say that it is not the economic benefits that they are most interested in; instead, they cite that the biggest reason for legal marijuana is that making it illegal amounts to overstepping of the bounds of government. By criminalizing the growing, harvesting, and drying out of a plant, the government is intruding upon an individual’s personal freedom. I think that it is easy to see that recreational marijuana will someday become legal recreational marijuana use at some point in time. It is just a matter of when.



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Legal Pot Store is Becoming Commonplace

Her symptoms were so severe before that she has never been able to be left alone, could not go to school, and sometimes could not even eat a meal without having a seizure

As you are probably aware, legal marijuana is now available in a number of communities and states. Even so, recreational marijuana is still not legal according to federal law, so there’s this sort of weird limbo situation going on with regard to legal cannabis. My state legislators recently legalized marijuana for medical purposes only. There are legal pot stores who can dispense to people who have some kind of prescription or health care card or something. Recreational pot stores do not exist, but I do think that people who want recreational marijuana will soon be able to go to a recreational pot store, just like people who use it for medicinal purposes can go to a legal pot store near me now. I used to work for an advocacy organization that advocated for social causes; they were a health-related lobbyist, an education-related lobbyist, and a social concerns-related lobbyist. I was never really sure which one was supposed to be working with the legal marijuana issue. Neither of them was interested in fighting against having a legal cannabis dispensary, to tell the truth. In fact, one of them went to a legislative hearing where a mother testified that her daughter, who has been suffering from seizures her whole life, has been helped by only one thing: cbd oil placed under her tongue. Her symptoms were so severe before that she has never been able to be left alone, could not go to school, and sometimes could not even eat a meal without having a seizure. It’s hard to say that there shouldn’t be legal cbd products when faced with that information.

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