Cannabis cooking is a new thing that is storming the nation

The two of us have always dreamed to be a culinary chef.

The two of us want to be in culinary college as well as go to a place where we will gain a great deal of experience.

The two of us began working as line Cooks as well as save lots of currency so we could attend the Chef School. The two of us spent a great deal of time as well as spent time studying under many great chefs. The two of us had to find a chef position in a high-end Diner. One answer to those prayers immediately came when the two of us had the owner of a cannabis shop call us with a grand idea. The guy wanted to turn an unused space into a dining room that serves high-end cannabis cuisine. The two of us were gleeful as well as thought about the common Edibles love pot brownies as well as space cakes. This guy wanted to have great and formal dining and all of the dishes would be infused with cannabis products. The guy was considering the two of us to make a three-course meal and the type of experience where everyone and the dispensary would want to go. The two of us are working on more than one menu right now so we can absolutely have several different cannabis dishes that people can choose from. In order to be successful, the two of us will have to make some pot brownies everyday to pay the bills. After that, we will be able to invest in bigger ideas.


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