Stopping thieves is my main job at the shop

The two of us worked as a bouncer at a local beer Tavern for a year.

The beer Tavern was a Rowdy site as the two of us had a reputation for allowing vipers to mix with farmhands and have beers.

The two of us witnessed friendly games of pool as well as darts that easily turned right into a fist fight. Eventually things got completely out of hand and I was risking my life for drunk people. The two of us wanted to experience a different type of job, so the two of us accepted a position at a pot dispensary. The people who smoke pot do not enjoy fistfights. They love drunk people. The two of us quickly realized that numerous people were shoplifting as well as stealing cannabis product. The two of us started working as well as the effects decreased. Major quantities of cannabis no longer go missing as well as there are losses that have been denied. Everything seemed to stop when the two of us began to work at the dispensary. The owner of the cannabis shop allowed me to wear anything I want, so I usually wear something that shows off my tattoos as well as my soul. When someone walks through the cannabis dispensary door, it is not uncommon for them to believe that I am there to make sure there are no problem. Needless to say, the cannabis dispensary no longer suffers from the same type of theft that it did before the owner decided to hire me Tuesday at the front door.


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