I thought it would be fantastic when marijuana was legalized. I really believe they would help the people I was with and myself with our business. This town is absolutely small in addition to being absolutely remote. There wasn't absolutely any competition for the people I was with. When pot was absolutely legalized, a lot of local people wanted to try marijuana. Since they were not afraid of running into the law, I decided to start my own row lake house in a single of many ancient. There was but a single complication with the production. I had no trouble scaling up of the business in addition to adding more plants to my harvest. The people I was with an addition to myself saw things change when the first recreational marijuana dispensary opened up in town. All of our customers decided to go somewhere else. It was one reason or another, but I'm sure it had to do with the amount of selection that neither one of us had. The people I was with an addition to myself lost many of our correct customers. We desperately tried to get rid of all the excess marijuana, but we found out that Growers have to have a state-approved medical license in order to sell inventory. Things would get worse, but I was absolutely happy when a friend of mine offered to take all of the marijuana off my hands. It was legitimately one of the worst things for marijuana to be legalized and I did not know it would so negatively affect my own business.

I’m big and scary and I mean no harm

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