Quality marijuana has been lab tested

Even though the access to marijuana has grown in recent years, the availability is different from one state to the next.

More than half of the states in this country have some form of access, although in some cases this is limited to medical cannabis.

However, more states are gravitating towards full blown recreational cannabis markets. I still feel lucky to live in a state that at least has medical marijuana dispensaries. There is the downside of having to spend my money for the state for the card each year and the fees for the doctors visits, however I enjoy how all of the products undergo strict third-party lab testing for purity. There are some states with almost unregulated recreational marijuana markets where the cannabis products do not need to be tested by a third-party lab. Although some of them are quality products, this is not always the case. You can find micro-organisms like bugs, bacteria, and fungal spores on the flower buds or left over chemical solvents in the products made from extracted marijuana oils. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a headache from marijuana that you’ve bought from an actual dispensary. That is what I was used to when I had the disadvantage of relying on the black market to source my cannabis. For these reasons, I’d rather get all of my cannabis products from medical dispensaries if I have the choice. The lab testing holds up to genuine scrutiny. It’s nice to see some states retaining third-party lab testing for their recreational dispensaries after allowing them to open. There’s no reason this shouldn’t remain a requirement in the recreational cannabis market if they do it everyday in the medical cannabis market.



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