My marijuana oil pen is discrete

I completely hate traveling and staying in hotel rooms, even though I was put into a travel position at work for the remainder of the year.

I have to get on planes every week and I always have jet lag each day as I leave one time zone and enter another.

So far I’m keeping my sanity by looking at it like it’s a necessary evil, and a temporary one at that. The job pays more money than I’m used to and it’s nice seeing my savings account grow for the first time in years. I know some people who resort to drinking when they get to their hotel rooms, even though I can’t afford to show up to a meeting in the morning with a hangover. I’m notoriously sensitive to alcohol and I get a worse hangover from drinking the older I get. I would much rather use cannabis, as it doesn’t give me a nasty hangover the next day like drinking liquor. It’s nice how I can easily hide a marijuana oil pen in my luggage and the people at the airport think it’s a tobacco vaporizer. I can even put it in my carry on and throw it through the x-ray unit without getting in trouble. Since several kinds of cannabis distillate oil lack actual cannabis derived terpenes, the exhaled vapor periodically smells like food products. If you get a strain that is heavy in the berry tasting terpene myrcene, you might have a product that tastes and smells like candy. That way you can easily use a product like this inside a hotel room without worrying about getting detected by the hospital staff. I can’t think of a more convenient way to get medicated while I’m traveling for work than using my discreet marijuana oil pen.

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