Cannabis actually helps me do my work

When I get to the night hours, I like to experiment and try current things

Don’t judge me for enjoying bong rips at 8 in the morning. I definitely know what I’m doing. I work, I spend my money on the bills, so if I am looking to get nice and toasty in the morning, that’s my prerogative. Honestly, I wasn’t like this before we had to deal with the pandemic. I would easily start out my morning with a little bit of coffee, maybe a bagel and cream cheese. I would often have fun after getting out of work when I got home. Then I stopped going to work, and things changed pretty fast. I started the morning with a wake and bake, and had a normal morning. Using cannabis didn’t even mess with my productivity, and also made my work fun, so from then on it was a ritual. Indica has become my go to when it comes to work. When I get to the night hours, I like to experiment and try current things. Trying current things while doing my job is not smart, who knows how a current strain of cannabis or a current kind of edible is going to mess with me. Indica is pretty consistent for me, I know what the effects are and how much I can handle at any time… After hours and on weekends is when I most often try out a current kind of shatter, or fill a candy dish with various CBD gummies and THC gummies in some random order. You want to know the best thing about cannabis, for me, is that you can get really high, as long as you aren’t driving your car, the worst thing that happens is you fall asleep for a short while.