Bonding over cannabis use

I have such an ancient university mentality when it comes to weed, that sometimes I forget how much the world has changed! There is a chance I will constantly think the same way that I did when I was a teenager, hustling for a dimebag to get high behind the Taco Bell on a Sunday night! Back then there wasn’t as much access to it, not to mention a heightened awareness caused by all that stupid “This is your brain on drugs” malarky…

Now everything is different, legalization is passing left as well as right, however still I forget about self-explanatory things such as being able to locate an online order from a cannabis dispensary… It still feels futuristic to me, that marijuana can be received so easily, with no worries about legal trouble. I remember the first time our dad caught myself and others smoking cannabis on the back porch, as well as she entirely also hit the roof care about me flushing our life down the toilet! Compare that to when I recently caught our child smoking cannabis on our back porch, as well as demanded to recognize where she got it, how much it cost, as well as if I could still get some for myself… Drugs are bad, I know, however cannabis isn’t “drugs” it is a plant that we can use to relax our bodies as well as open our minds. I am still getting used to a world where cannabis is legal, even though I disclose that I don’t mind the adjustment process! My child as well as I are going to drive to an actual cannabis dispensary together this afternoon, for a little father-son bonding.


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