Medical marijuana treatments send me to bed

There is a ways to go from here

Insomnia is a condition that is so maddening that it seems just cruel. I think this is why forcing a person to go without sleep is a part of “interrogation” when it comes to enemy combatants and others. For me, it’s nobody else forcing me to stay awake. However, I now have an ally in this mess and that is medical cannabis. Using medical cannabis has been a much more natural and effective way for me to deal with insomnia. My insomnia started out sort of slow. My job is quite stressful and requires a lot of hours each week. So, I started doing with less and less rest until it became a pattern. From there, it just got absurdly worse. I would go days without any meaningful sleep. The stuff the doctor gave me would sort of help but I still struggled. Plus, I wasn’t eager to earn a sleeping pill addiction either. A more natural approach to insomnia brought me to medical marijuana. I attended a cannabis event focused on the medical marijuana benefits as it relates to rest. There I learned all I needed to know to motivate me to get through the marijuana regulations and access a cannabis dispensary. The very first trip to the medical marijuana store was wonderful. The staff introduced me to a cannabis flower product that had proven to really help those with my condition. That night, after using the cannabis products, I actually fell asleep for almost four full hours. There is a ways to go from here. But I’m so excited to experience the benefits of medical marijuana and am on my way toward a future of blissful rest.

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