Asked budtenders for advice on using marijuana

While there are a wide range of cannabis products that help with my many aches and pains, I’m not comfortable visiting the dispensary, but both recreational and medicinal cannabis are legal in our state. The dispensary is an entirely secure and welcoming environment. The budtenders are friendly, informative and entirely open to consultation. It was necessary for me to make a few trips to the dispensary to discuss the many consumption methods, potency and strains. I was unfamiliar with the benefits and uses of tinctures, concentrates, topicals and vapes, but since I didn’t want to waste my currency buying a bunch of products that weren’t right for me, I needed to get recommendations. I realize that there is nothing illegal or morally wrong about using cannabis as an alternative to synthetic pharmaceuticals. It is a safe and natural remedy that eliminates the long-term harmful side-effects, no one has ever overdosed on marijuana. My parents are extremely old-fashioned and would be aggravated if they learned I was using marijuana. I really don’t want someone to see me at the dispensary and then mention it to them. We live in a fairly small community where most everyone knows each other. I was careful to make my stops at the dispensary at those times of day when I figured the fewest people would be shopping. Now that I am correct with our favorite strains, terpenes and consumption methods, I’m able to make my purchases online. The process is extremely straight-forward, convenient and discreet. I place my order and receive a text message confirmation and an ETA for delivery.

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