Trying out different tinctures

I have always preferred the traditional method of smoking loose cannabis flower.

I like the actual act of smoking, the rich terpenes it provides and the rapid onset of effects.

However, it’s not always possible to light up in every setting. There are times when it’s necessary to be more discreet. I recently started experimenting with tinctures. Because the body’s digestive process begins in the mouth, the effects of tinctures are almost immediate. The saliva quickly begins breaking down the molecular structure of the tincture. Beneath the tongue and through the tissue lining the mouth, the cannabis compounds are absorbed into the blood vessels. I place a few drops of the tincture under my tongue and wait a minute or two for it to absorb. I then swallow any remainder of the tincture, which prides a slower onset of effects through the digestive tract. It’s helpful that tinctures are extremely discreet and also offer precision dosing. With tinctures rapidly becoming more and more popular, there are a wide range of choices on the market. Full spectrum CBD tinctures typically contain very little THC yet are minimally refined, keeping most of the natural cannabinoids and terpenes. There are also botanical tinctures that incorporate organic herbs for added flavor and therapeutic properties. I’m able to shop indica, sativa and hybrid strains of high or low THC content and make my purchases entirely online. It’s extremely helpful that my local cannabis dispensary provides delivery service. Their menu is very informative and explains each of their products in-depth. I take the time to read up on them before placing an order.



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