My mom was horrified when she saw the pot plant

My mom has always been able to grow plants and vegetables.

  • When I was a kid, she had a flower garden on our back porch in the city.

When we moved to the country, my mom started a garden in the backyard. She had lots of different kinds of plants, flowers, herbs, and vegetables. I must have picked up a love of plants from my mom, because I absolutely love marijuana. It is my favorite plant in the whole kingdom. It smells and tastes great and the healing and medicinal properties are second to none. After marijuana was legalized for recreational use in this state, I decided to buy a small plant from one of the pot shops. I picked out a GSC clone that was 18 in tall at the time. The budtender told me it would be easy to care for the plant because it was past the seedling stage. Unfortunately, I had problems with a marijuana plant as soon as I got home. I tried changing the light, humidity, and the placement of the plant. Nothing seemed to help and the flower started to well. I called my mom for some help. I wanted her to give me some tips on the phone, but she insisted on seeing the plant. I was hopeful that my mom would not notice that it was a marijuana plant, but she knew as soon as she saw the broad leaves. My mom didn’t say much when she saw the marijuana plant, but I could tell she was horrified. She gave me a couple of tips to keep the plant healthy and growing, but we never talked about it after she left.



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