Medical marijuana is known to help many issues

The doctor was shocked, but I really don’t need it anymore thanks to THC and cannabinoids

The cannabis sativa plant can be used to treat diseases and fight a number of ailments. Studies show that marijuana can be used to treat cancer, HIV, epilepsy, and a number of neurological disorders. I started using cannabis sativa because of the terrible muscle spasms that I endure every day and night. I’ve been experiencing restless leg cramps for years, but lately the spasms have been awful. I couldn’t sleep at night. I was walking the halls like a zombie, barely awake. I decided to talk to the doctor, but he didn’t want to give me any more prescription medications. I was already taking three different drugs. The doctor suggested using medical marijuana to treat the muscle spasms. I was already smoking weed occasionally, so I thought it was great to finally have access to medical marijuana and dispensary products. The marijuana products were very expensive and actually priced higher than most street prices. Still, the flavor, potency, and strain identification made it worthwhile to shop at the dispensary. I started buying indica strains to smoke at night. Everytime I smoke weed before going to bed, I barely have any issues with muscle spasms. When I started smoking in the morning and at night, I actually had the chance to stop taking one of the prescription medications. The doctor was shocked, but I really don’t need it anymore thanks to THC and cannabinoids. Medical marijuana has so many helpful uses.. It’s no wonder so many people use the plant for medicinal reasons. The west coast earns a hundred million dollars a year after legalizing recreational and medical marijuana across the board.



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