Drop kicking restless leg syndrome with medical marijuana

It all started with what I thought were just a bit of cramping in my calf. But within weeks, I was into a full blown case of restless leg syndrome. And it was the worst. I didn’t sleep more than an hour or two before I was awakened by my legs jerking around. It didn’t take me long to figure out how to get my medical marijuana card and get to the medical marijuana shop. My doctor prescribed meds for me at first. But I found the side effects for me were almost as bad as the condition. So I chose to go a different route. And really, it was more of a whole body sort of approach. I learned about the medical marijuana benefits as I learned more about my holistic approach to my health. I firmly believe that restless leg syndrome, for me at least, was a symptom of my whole body being out of whack. The cannabis flower products really help my muscles relax and they also help me relax and not worry about the condition. I noticed this right away. But the cannabis products also helped get motivated to embrace all the changes in my life. And I changed my diet radically. Added more exercise and yoga to my fitness regimen. Plus, I really dialed in on the mindfulness component. This was key as well. It’s been just about six months since starting medical marijuana and all the health changes. There is no more restless leg syndrome at all.



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