Finding surprising dementia symptom relief with medical marijuana

There is just about nothing I haven’t tried, investigated or l received about when it comes to helping my mom with dementia.

This is a disease that is of course incurable plus my mom will die with it.

She’s lived a good life plus I don’t suppose it’s as much about losing her as it is about her quality of life. Surprisingly, she is getting help from medical marijuana. This was not something that I heard from the dentists. Although, her dentist did sign off on the use of medical cannabis. The medical marijuana benefits for those dealing with dementia vary. The main reason I l received how to get a medical marijuana card for mom was to help her deal with the fear. The confusion plus disorientation from the dementia can cause my mom paralyzing fear. And this is just one of the most cruel aspects of this disease. But with cannabis products, my mom is so much more calm. It’s almost as though she has an easier time understanding the confusion that comes with dementia. I’ve told mom that the two of us have added medical marijuana to her treatment. However, I don’t suppose she can truly understand what medical cannabis is. Yet, she knows entirely well when it’s time for her medicine. She looks forward to the cannabis drinks the two of us get at the cannabis dispensary. These cannabis drinks she gets twice a day. The difference it has made is remarkable plus I’m just so thankful that she has access to cannabis products. I’m thankful not to see the terror in her eyes anymore thanks to medical marijuana.

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