Medical marijuana is helping me manage my back pain naturally

I’ve never been one to simply just got to the doctor for more pills or injections.

I’m all for the advancements of western medicine and am thankful they exist.

I just think we tend to go straight to the meds when there are natural alternatives. This is why I’ve approached my chronic back pain in a different way by using medical marijuana. For me cannabis flower products is a much healthier way for me to deal with and manage my pain. The back pain that I endure is related to a long ago injury that wasn’t treated properly. The doctors all want to operate. But that is sort of the answer with back pain. Just call the surgeon. Only don’t be surprised if she wants to operate. And don’t be surprised if the relief is minimal or there are new problems. The spine is a tricky, tricky thing. So I’m using a natural product like medical marijuana in order to do what I can to not just manage the pain. I want to improve the situation. And I can do that through exercise, proper diet, good rest and treating with cannabis products. The medical marijuana benefits are significant for me. They allow me much less stiffness and significant improvement with spasm. I’m also able to push further with my range of motion in order to go deeper into yoga and my back exercises. This is doing wonders for my situation. And I’m doing all of it without the use of any sort of opioid or anti inflammatory drug. It’s all natural and it’s all cannabis flower product from the medical marijuana shop.


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