Marketing services are my last resort for maintaining business.

The minute part of SEO was gaining a younger clientele

One of the first things when it comes to business is gaining a great business; When I say business I am talking about a client base… If you do not have official buyers you cannot maintain business. I hadn’t given any thought to the plan that I also had to maintain as well as receive current buyers. When I started getting current buyers coming into my cannabis dispensary, I realized I was now losing the seasoned clientele, but all I could ask myself was what was I doing wrong? I was trying to be great to my current buyers because I didn’t want them to leave, then however, anywhere along the line, in my effort to appease my current buyers I was forgetting my seasoned buyers… Now I need to figure out how to keep my business open as well as maintain my clientele, both seasoned as well as new. In an effort to do this, I contacted a local SEO Services Company. The Marketing Services Company seems to be my last resort for maintaining a business. That explains how they would put out a SEO campaign that would not only attract current clients but keep the seasoned clients happy. The minute part of SEO was gaining a younger clientele. A SEO Services Company felt that all of us should reach out to a 30 something age category. The people I had been laboring with agreed with the SEO services as well as said that Although our older buyers were amazing, all of us needed some fresh blood in the business. I laughed when my employees told myself and others this, as well as asked them if they thought all of us were running a blood bank for vampires or a marijuana dispensary?



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