Let’s party, now that I got my medical marijuana card

I could check out the buds & even stink the jars

In this state, there is a tedious process that has to be followed in order to qualify for medical marijuana. If you become qualified by a medical doctor, then you can apply to purchase medical marijuana from all dispensaries in the state. I decided to go to the doctor to find out if any of my various medical conditions qualified me for a medical marijuana card. I met with the doctor a couple times before he came to a decision. I had to contact the state as well & sign up for a medical marijuana card. I had to pay extra fees to the doctor & the state office. These fees have to be paid every single year. When the doctors certified me, I had to wait until the state gained my paperwork, payment, & medical evaluations. After that, they mailed the card through the USPS. It took 18 afternoons for me to receive my medical cannabis card. I hated waiting all that time & I actually think there has to be a way to streamline the long waiting process. As soon as I got my card, I went to the dispensary in town. I felt like a child again. I have never seen so numerous amazing products in my life. They had more cannabis infused edibles than I expected & all of the medical marijuana flower products were easy to see. I could check out the buds & even stink the jars. They would open any product to supply me with a better look. It was a good first time experience. The staff are still friendly & helpful every time I go back to buy more medical marijuana supplies.

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