The reunion was the best after a bit of cannabis

I was pretty square in highschool.

Studying and grades were absolutely pressing to myself and others and I also had a pretty drastic guy friend who had similar goals. Besides that, I just never fit in with any of the football types or the nerds, and all that stuff guys did back then. It just felt either totally childish and immature or simply too dangerous. This perception may have been the reason I never tried recreational marijuana in school. It just seemed sort of an absurd thing to do. I took that fear of cannabis over to my undergrad mornings. But when I was studying for a masters, I tried cannabis. To my shock, it was excellent and lifted lots of weight from my shoulders. Indeed, that experience in graduate school was a bit of an epiphany. I ended up with a career in academia and I continued to care about using cannabis products. Then, the state I live in legalized recreational marijuana and it was easy to shop for marijuana for sale. That was an experience in itself. So when I was invited back to my twenty highschool reunion, I made a stop at the local cannabis spot first. This was such a nice system as I was then free to just be myself and others and not worry about petty accomplishments or anything like that. And man, I had a blast with my friends from back in the day. I hadn’t seen any of them since I left the university. Even my highschool guy shared a pot brownie with myself and others and we had the best talk about our lives.


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