I smoke when my husband is gone

My husband rarely is out of the house.

He works totally from home and doesn’t like going out socially. Anytime he goes to dinner, a movie or any sort of friend get together, I am with him. We like mated birds or something. You never see one of us without the other. It gets old being in each other’s pockets all day long. I get where I just want to be alone for once. Occasionally my husband will get asked to fly up north for a work event. I usually get three days to myself and it is awesome. I take the time to clean the house. I wash all the sheets, ceiling fans, windows and I scrub the floors. I can clean at midnight and it doesn’t even matter. I don’t need to stop my day and cook an elaborate dinner either. I usually make myself something very simple and light. What is really great is that I usually allow myself to get a little high while my husband is gone. I am not a big drinker but I do love smoking marijuana. My husband doesn’t like weed and won’t participate. It is sort of weird vaping and getting high with someone watching me. So I wait until he is gone and I pick an evening to get high. I usually order cannabis delivery from the dispensary nearby so I don’t make the trip. I then get a strong THC and indica strain so that I can relax at night. I typically watch a movie while high out of my mind. I had a great evening all by myself.



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