Helping my nausea with chemotherapy

Instead I just wake up and immediately grab my vape and hope the nausea passes

They say the nausea with chemotherapy is the absolute worst and yes, it is. I have seen it in movies and heard horror stories in my support groups. I will admit I still wasn’t prepared for the nausea. Ignoring the fact that a cancer diagnosis is extremely scary and symptoms like hair loss have me upset, nausea is one of the worst things happening to me lately. I hate that I wake up out of a dead sleep and need to run to the toilet. Nobody likes throwing up, so try doing it constantly. My doctor highly advocated relying on medical cannabis to reduce the nausea with chemotherapy. I vape a cannabis oil before bed and right when I wake up in the morning. It does help, it just isn’t the magic cure that I hoped for. Honestly with nausea I think I would take a punch in the face if I thought that would work. Having something to quickly smoke that settles my stomach is great. I like that with a vape I don’t need to put in any work. The oil is already preloaded and when I click a button, the oil is heated so that I can take it in. I don’t need to worry about rolling a paper, lighting a bong or messing around with other equipment pieces. I am not really in the mood to get into the art of cannabis while I am sick. Instead I just wake up and immediately grab my vape and hope the nausea passes. Now that I am a medical marijuana patient, I am a big supporter of cannabis.



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