Marijuana is great for pain relief

When you’re young, you expect your body to last forever.

Often you’re not thinking about what you’re going to do if a time comes in the future where you’re physically debilitated for one reason or another. What are you going to do if abruptly you can no longer take part in your favorite outdoor activities, or even run basic errands? This happened to my parents and it’s heartbreaking to witness it unfold. They’re both in a lot of pain everyday and it’s strenuous just for them to get around the house, let alone do any recreational activities. I help them in any way that I can, but I can’t magically remove their pain. That’s where their medications come into play. Instead of taking opiate pain medications, they’re both now consuming marijuana orally and it has given them spectacular results. Unlike me, their livers are fully capable of processing THC when they consume it orally. If I consume 100 mg orally versus 10 mg, I don’t notice a difference in effects. I have met a number of other people on multiple cannabis forums on the internet who are similar to me and cannot experience the benefits of consuming cannabis orally. On top of that, some people have such high tolerances of THC that they’re able to consume hundreds of milligrams of THC in the course of a few hours via inhalation, whether they’re vaporizing plant material or combusting it. Once you begin using cannabis concentrates every single afternoon, your tolerance starts to shoot up considerably. I hope I don’t ever get to the point where I need a gram of cannabis concentrates everyday just to get by.


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