I have a different reaction to cannabis

I don’t have the same reactions to substances as others do.

For instance, it unquestionably only takes a single beer for me to get noticeably “buzzed” when my friends need several.

I have to be careful if we go out to celebrate on the weekends or I can end up so drunk that I’ll have to call a cab to get home. Either I’m the designated driver and I drink next to nothing, or I’m inadvertently inebriated and desperately need someone to get me to my home safely again. That’s largely why I tried to give up alcohol completely after our 20s. I still drink on rare occasions with my spouse, but nowadays I’d much rather use cannabis products. I will buy RSO edibles or topical creams when I’ve gotten bored with smoking cannabis flower products for years at a time. Otherwise I’m “dabbing” or vaporizing cannabis concentrates like live rosin, resin, budder, and wax. I know that most people get the munchies from smoking weed and will reach for sugary popcorn, but I’m one of those rare people that get appetite-suppression from most of the cannabis strains that I have tried. If I use a concentrated version of the strain, the appetite suppression is even stronger. It results in me going hours every single day without food in our stomach, as well as I guess it’s not doing me any good when I reach for food finally as well as eating too much to overcompensate. If I had cancer and needed something to encourage eating while having radiation treatment, I don’t suppose that I’d be able to benefit from using cannabis as an appetite-inducer like others do.
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