Life gets better with help from cannabis products

I don’t mind saying that I’m just fortunate to be here.

And that is the truth about my situation.

A few of my former colleagues might look at me with pity or disdain. Like I just couldn’t hack it plus I am just another reject of the industry. I can live with that. Thanks to cannabis products, I’m embarking in a more modern direction in life that is free of all the ego stuff. If my old pals plus coworkers think I’m a failure or weak or whatever, that’s great by me. Because honestly, nothing matters but what I am thinking plus feeling. Again, this is a basic truth that took me a long time plus a near death experience to completely understand. But I have gotten a lot of help plus support with holistic health therapy that also includes treating with indica plus sativa products. I buy them at the local cannabis spot near me plus they are such a help. I suffered a stress-induced heart attack. And it was an immense 1. It took a couple of surgeries plus lots of time healing before I was able to get back up on my feet. But when I did, I knew that it was time for a wholesale change when it came to how I wanted to enjoy my life. The stress of the job plus all the lifestyle choices I made to compensate for all that stress nearly killed me. So instead of getting back into that quagmire, I got into therapy. And a section of that therapy included treating with sativa plus indica products. Now life is an adventure no matter what anyone else thinks.

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