Better to update your website

Since my brothers both work in the digital advertising industry, I am particularly critical about websites in addition to ranking on google.

I recognize a nice quality website should be clear, straight-forward to read, quick to operate and have working links.

I also recognize the higher a site ranks on google, the better SEO services they have or the more popular they are; Both are nice signs though. Every now and then I come across a trashy website and it irritates me. My partner in addition to I decided to go to a weird state to have a mini getaway. I choose a state that has legal recreational marijuana. I decided that the people I was with and I might as well take advantage of it. I started researching cannabis dispensaries in the area. This was a single company kept coming up again in addition to again. I honestly didn’t appreciate their website though. It was all gray, so it was hard to look at. The pictures that showed the store basically showed several items on the shelves. There were no purchaser reviews in addition to I couldn’t find their address on the website. I ended up passing over the company phone number to my brothers. I told them that they should help these people out. The website needs a facelift desperately. They evidently have nice SEO or they wouldn’t rank so high. But they need purchaser reviews in addition to better pictures. The cannabis store must be losing business because I clicked off in addition to ended up choosing another company. I wanted something that looked more professional and provided a lot of products inside.


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