Finding lifestyle change easier thanks to local cannabis spot

It’s been a whirlwind the last few years for me.

The pandemic was so tough and I just barely hung on to my job.

Then there was all the being cooped up at home. I have a genetic condition that could have made Covid really, really bad for me. So I worked from home and tried to maintain contact online. But I also decided that all that time at home could also be used constructively. So with help from the local cannabis spot, I made a big lifestyle change. For all of my adult life, I’ve sort of been owned by my appetites. And that has resulted in me being overweight, out of shape and that has an effect on mental health and confidence as well. I was just tired of being like that so I decided to use all that time to my advantage. The local cannabis spot really helped me out though with the cannabis products. I’ve used cannabis for much of my adult life. But this time, I wanted to focus in on some of the hybrid strains for sale that could help me along this tough path of change. Other attempts at changing my behavior only lasted a few weeks at best before I caved. I used some hybrid strains to help me really get into my body. Just a bit of the indica based hybrid strains would allow me to really focus in on whatever exercise I was doing. I wasn’t focused on what I couldn’t do but just how good it felt to move. I’m now more than 60 pounds lighter and have never felt better about myself in my life.



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