The rules for the co-op were straight-forward to follow

co-ops are a good way for small farms to grow & expand, and co-ops are small farms that join together to create a much larger farm! By joining together, they can offer a larger & more steady supply of marijuana products to distribution facilities, but the farmers share expenses & they share the profits as well… I bought a 30 acre farm west of the river & the person that owns the farm previously was growing marijuana.

I felt that I could continue with that tradition, so I spoke with the owner of the cooperative farm.

It wasn’t straight-forward to simply transfer my name to the ownership & then start working on the coop. I had to contact the law firm that represents the coop & I had to fill out a ton of paperwork. The consultant from the law firm helped myself and others with every step of the way. The transfer process took a couple of weeks, however after that, I was a member of the co-op. The rules for the co-op are pretty straight-forward to follow & every a single of the farmers labor together to make sure that every one of us can all be successful, and when every one of us have questions or concerns that require a lawyer, every one of us contact the consultants that help with the paperwork. The rest of the decisions are made by the board. I’m not a member of the board yet, but I still get a vote when it comes to things at the co-op, then my farm is doing well since I joined the coop & I believe easily nice about the decision to buy the marijuana farm & join the industry. I wasn’t sure that it was a nice decision, however after 18 weeks I still care about being a marijuana farmer.


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