I need the whole cannabis consulting team

When I began filing the paperwork and securing the funds for a medical marijuana dispensary I didn’t realize how difficult it would be, however i also did not realize how several areas of the industry I just don’t suppose about.

I looked online on who should be on my team for building a cannabis dispensary; A whole laundry list of people were recommended . It was commanded that I would need an attorney with experience in the cannabis industry. I would need an accountant to suppose the tax particular cannabis codes. I needed a compliance officer to help me with the state and local laws and ensure I am following them. I also needed someone to help me track inventory and run the POS system. A security professional, a grower and a medical director for the dispensary were also recommended as well. I didn’t want to hire so several people right out of the gate. I didn’t even suppose if I was going to make any money yet. I started hunting around to see if there was someone who could wear several hats in the business, and the closest thing I found was a medical marijuana consultant. A medical marijuana consulting repair has tons of members of the team that can do the above tasks. You can choose just one cannabis consultant and call it a day or hire the whole team. That is a area of the cannabis consulting service. I hired the whole team rather than a bunch of individual people that don’t suppose each other. It has been such a relief to write one check and I do feel I am saving money hiring one service.


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