I Use a cannabis topical to treat leg cramps

When I think the beginning of cramping in my leg muscles, I rub cannabis-infused ointment into my skin

I am heavily focused on my health in addition to physical fitness. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 15 years in addition to staying away from fast foods, processed foods in addition to an abundance of sugar. I keep my alcohol intake low, in addition to I avoid all forms of nicotine. I workout every single afternoon for approximately an hour and a half. My exercise sessions are severe and intense in addition to involve a good deal of high impact aerobics. I run, bike, jump rope in addition to do sets of jumping jacks, mountain climbers, lunges, burpees, in addition to squats. I make sure to thoroughly hot up my joints in addition to my muscles before beginning. I include thorough stretching in addition to a cool-down in addition to I drink lots of water. I still have some trouble with leg cramps. They tend to bother me late at night, when I’m trying to sleep. Normally in my calf muscles in addition to occasionally in my upper thighs, the muscles seize up in addition to become very painful. I am too conscientious about my health to try synthetic drugs. The laundry list of side-effects is always worse than the initial problem. I alway opt for a natural remedy. Cannabis offers a charming array of curative properties. I am quite fortunate that I have access to legal recreational marijuana at several local dispensaries. I don’t buy these products for their psychoactive effects. I most often choose the topicals that cause no high sensation whatsoever. When I think the beginning of cramping in my leg muscles, I rub cannabis-infused ointment into my skin. I use a topical with a single-to-one ratio of THC & CBD oil for the sake of analgesic results in addition to anti-inflammatory benefits. The effects set in quite quickly in addition to offering me sustained relief.


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