The dispensary needs a security guard

My boss Bob has been searching for a current security guard to task inside of the store.

  • Bob had an ad online for weeks.

Nobody wanted the position after the last security guard was shot twice while a robbery was attempted. The burglar came to the dispensary moments before all of us were closing for the evening. The heroic security guard was walking around the front of the building checking for cars plus people in the rear parking lot. That is when the burglar struck the security guard. The burglar shot him twice in the face plus he went down abruptly. The burglar thought that the security guard must have been done for. He left him in the parking lot plus went into the building to rob the marijuana dispensary. The girl who was working at the counter heard the disturbance outside. Kim saw the many men coming in the front door plus instantly hit the silent alarm. Kim then did everything that the burglar asked her to do. That is something that all of us have been told repeatedly by the owners of the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary. Both of us do not have to be a hero. The company is insured, so let the thief take whatever they want, then don’t argue or struggle plus do not say no to any adequate request. The burglar was still filling his pockets with money when the police showed up. The whole incident was in the newspaper. I am sure that is 1 of the big reasons why the dispensary employer had such a difficult time finding someone to update the late shift security guard at the marijuana dispensary.

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