I found two ways to get better sleep at night

Ever since my wife left, I have had a hard time sleeping at night.

I didn’t want her to leave, but I knew she was unhappy for a long time and I didn’t do anything to fix the problem.

I went to work and I came home at the end of the day like a zombie. I don’t blame her for leaving, but I wish she would give us a second chance. It’s been hard to sleep at night without her in the bed. I was only getting two or three hours every night until I started using medical marijuana products. Medical and recreational marijuana products are both legal in this state. The doctor told me that the products would help if I was really having trouble sleeping. The doctor offered to give me a prescription for the clinic, but he told me that it would be very easy to simply go to the recreational dispensary. He suggested a low dose edible for nighttime relief. The doctor also suggested getting a noise machine to play music or sounds at night. He suggested something that would remind me of a time when my wife and I were happy. I chose sounds from the beach, because my wife and I always had a lot of fun at the beach. I fall asleep to the sound of the ocean and the waves and the medical marijuana products help too. I honestly hope that this is a temporary problem and temporary solution. I plan to win my wife back even if I have to quit my job, grow long hair, and get a tattoo.


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