Medical marijuana for insomnia

I’ve had issues with insomnia for quite a few years.

I have tried all sorts of home remedies with very little success. It was becoming a real problem for me. Lying awake all night meant having difficulties getting up in the morning. I’d have no energy at work. I often came down with headaches. No matter how tired I was, I’d still struggle to fall asleep. Even if I managed to fall asleep, I’d wake up every few hours. I was unwilling to take sleeping pills because of the potential side effects. I finally made an appointment with a doctor to qualify for my medical marijuana card. The process was fairly quick and easy. Once I got approved by a doctor, I received my card right away. I was then eligible to shop at the local medical cannabis dispensary. My card allows me to purchase greater quantities and higher potency than recreational users. Plus, I don’t pay tax. I consulted with the budtender about the best strains and consumption methods to help with insomnia. He recommended an equal ratio of THC and CBD in a gummy. The package wasn’t overly expensive. Although it only holds five gummies, it lasts me quite a while. I’m a little worried about the stronger intensity of effects of cannabis-infused edibles. I cut the gummy into quarters. I eat one-fourth of a gummy at night, shortly before bed. I don’t notice any high sensation, but I sleep really well. I fall asleep easily and don’t wake up during the night. I also don’t notice any adverse effects in the morning. I wake up feeling refreshed.



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