Getting medical cannabis for painful calves

I am very conscientious about my health and fitness.

I workout every day for approximately an hour.

I strive to tone muscles, build endurance and burn as many calories as possible. Because of this, I include a great deal of high intensity aerobics. I sometimes run outside or on the treadmill. I might ride my bike for an hour or jump rope. I also complete a series of lunges, squats, burpees, mountain climbers and jumping jacks. My exercises all involve my legs. There is a great deal of strain on the joints and muscles. As I’ve gotten older, I haven’t changed up my workouts. However, I’ve started to suffer from pain in my legs. The pain is mainly concentrated in my calves and worsens at night. When I head to bed at night, my calves begin to cramp. It’s impossible to sleep through the pain. I then need to get up, walk around and stretch my muscles. I’ve tried over-the-counter pain medications that haven’t helped all that much. A few weeks ago, I went through the process of applying for my medical marijuana card. Having the card makes me eligible to shop at any of the medical cannabis dispensaries in my state. I now have access to a wide range consumption methods in everything from high THC to high CBD content. I have tried out everything from pre-rolls to vapes and edibles. I have success with a combination of cannabis-infused topicals and tinctures. I apply an ointment to my calves in the morning before my workout, in the middle of the day and shortly before heading to bed. I place a tincture under the tongue at bedtime for fast-acting effects. I chose products that are mainly CBD and effective at treating pain and inflammation.



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